POLA BA Skincare Range & Special offer for TBB readers!

I first discovered the multi-award winning, Japanese skincare brand POLA after I had already been living in Tokyo for a few years. I had of course seen POLA in the glamorous beauty departments of high-end Japanese department stores, however I didn’t know anything about the brand and it’s impressive skincare technology until one day, when I was picking up my daughter from her inner-city Tokyo nursery school and I was approached by one of the other mothers.

We chatted for a few minutes about my blog, and she asked if I had ever tried any POLA products. I replied that I was yet to try any and my friend whispered to me that she had received a recommendation to use POLA from a group of her Japanese girlfriends- they all swore by their skincare products. So I was determined to try POLA for myself to see what all the fuss was about.

After a quick trip to Daimaru, the helpful POLA staff recommended I try the POLA BA (Red) range, and from the first time I applied the products I knew that there was definitely something special about them. My dry and (at the time) highly sensitised skin LOVED all of the products and I quickly saw results. It was impressive.There really is something extra about POLA.


What is it : a anti-aging and hydrating skincare range based on POLA’s award winning BA technology.

Ideal for: all skin types, including dry and highly sensitised skin.

Addresses the following skincare concerns:

  • dehydration
  • sensitivity (allergy tested for hyper-sensitive skin)
  • signs of ageing- reduced skin firmness and elasticity
  • signs of skin stress

What can you expect to see improve:

  • increase in skin hydration levels
  • improved skin strength
  • reduced skin sensitivity (calming)

The BA skincare range includes:

  • Red BA Cleansing Cream
  • Red BA Cleansing Wash
  • Red BA Lotion
  • Red BA Smoothing Serum
  • Red BA Massage Cream
  • Red BA Milk
  • Red BA Cream
  • Red BA Hand Cream
  • Red BA Body Milk

What I love about POLA is that they sell many different types of trial and gift packs as well so that you can try the products for yourself before you invest in the products that you love. This actually the way I first tried the POLA BA range!

What I think: POLA worked for my skin in a way that most other brands don’t. From the first time I used the BA range I saw an improvement in my skin condition the net day. My skin was very dry (at the end of the Japanese winter) and was so sensitive and stressed nothing that I usually used seemed to work- but POLA BA definitely delivered. With consistent use of the BA range, my skin calmed and rehydrated beautifully. Yes, POLA is a more expensive skincare purchase, but it delivers impressive results that you simply don’t see from drugstore brands. As I am getting older, my skin definitely responds better to using fewer, but more high quality skincare products to see results, and POLA BA range is one of my personal favourites.

SPECIAL OFFER for Tokyo Beauty Book readers!

POLA Australia are having a fantastic 35% off sale! The entire Red BA range is 35% off. So this is the perfect time to try the amazing POLA skincare brand for yourself.

If you live in Australia or New Zealand the sale also offers FREE SHIPPING when you spend over $100. International orders also available (check here for details)

To make things even better, my friends at POLA Australia have also kindly offered to give all Tokyo Beauty Book readers an EXTRA gift. When you spend more than $50 in the POLA sale, you will receive this gorgeous POLA Travel Kit (below). How perfect are the small tubs of POLA skincare product for travelling!

Just enter the code: TOKYOBEAUTY when you check out. (Offer ends February 28th)

Make sure you visit POLA Australia to check out their fantastic sale!

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  1. I also have been curious about Pola Red BA and thanks to your recommendation, I will try it. I have used Decencia, a brand owned by Pola, which has very similar packaging for the Ayanasu line. Go to decencia.co.jp. I ordered my trial kit for the Ayanasu range online (it’s less expensive than Pola). It was effective in bringing back moisture to my dry skin. You might want to try Decencia Ayanasu.

  2. I went to your link of Pola Australia but the page is asking me to log in and no register details available. I am not sure how ll I access their website and buy Pola.

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