5 Of The Best Japanese Drugstore Lotions

5-of-the-best-lotions-blog-blankLotion is an essential part of the Japanese skin care routine, and are unique to Japanese beauty brands. Making them somewhat of a mystery to most westerners when they visit the Japanese beauty stores. So to clarify, a Japanese lotion is not the same as a western style toner or moisturiser. Lotion is primarily designed to soften the skin, and be the first step in hydration (followed by cream or emulsion). As there are so many lotions available, most also have added ingredients to provide other skin care benefits such as brightening, soothing, firming or lifting, so you can select based on your skin’s needs.

Japanese lotions really are a multi-use product, that many Japanese women use as a at-home mask treatment and some even double as a body lotion!

Ready to give lotion  a try? Here are 5 great lotions that you can find at the Japanese drugstore.



Naturie Skin Conditioner ¥702

Hydrating, soothing and softening lotion for both face and body. 

A skin conditioning lotion contains Job’s tears (hatomugi– a type of barley) which is highly moisturising and nourishing, working particularly well on rough, dry patches of skin. This watery gel lotion, is extremely soothing and often used as a soothing remedy for sunburn (keep in the fridge as you would aloe vera gel). The 500ml bottle of Naturie is extremely economical, and is great to use as an all over body moisturising lotion.

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Shiseido Elixir Lift Moist Lotion II ¥3,240

Lifting and plumping the skin for a more youthful appearance.

If you are looking for a hydrating lotion, with some added anti-aging benefits then Shiseido Elixir is a great drugstore product. Designed to deliver firm, transparent and hydrated skin. This medicated lotion penetrates deep down into the skin to deeply hydrate and plump the skin giving a lifting effect. Elixir Lift Moist Lotion is available in varying moisture levels, so you can select the level of hydration suitable for your skin type.

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Transino Whitening Clear Lotion ¥3,888

Ideal for those with stubborn pigmentation.

Firstly, don’t be scared off by the words “whitening” in this lotion’s name. It does contain a “whitening” active ingredient, tranexamic acid, which works to suppress the melanin production that causes freckles and sun spots, which we all know dramatically age the skin. It’s not going to have you looking like Morticia Adams, just clearer (i.e. lighter sun related pigmentation) and brighter skin. Transino lotion gives the skin a comfortable fresh and hydrated feeling, and contains lactic acid to gently clear away dull skin cells and promote clearer, brighter skin.



Kiku Masamune Sake Lotion ¥907

Ultra hydration for the whole body.

Sake is a very popular skin care ingredient in Japan, loved for its ability to condition and moisturise the skin. Kiku Masamune is a very old and famous sake brewery in Japan, and this lotion contains ultra-hydrating lotion contains their famous sake, which is high in kojic acid, which hydrates, smoothes and brightens the skin. Added ceramides, arbutin, placenta and amino acids help to boost moisturising effects of this lotion. The economical size and price of this lotion makes it suitable for use all over the entire body after the shower or bath.

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Curel Moisture Lotion III ¥1,944

Perfect for sensitive and very dry skin.

This ultra-gentle lotion is suitable for very dry and sensitive skin. A combination of anti-inflamatory and hydrating ingredients such as glycerin and eucalyptus, that penetrate deeply into the skin leaving it soft and smooth. Curel’s formula is designed to improve the skin’s natural barrier function, leaving sensitive skin stronger and less susceptible to irritation.

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Where can you buy these products in Tokyo?

Naturie– All Japanese drugstores and beauty stores like Ainz & Tulpe and Plaza.

Shiseido Elixir– All Japanese drugstores and beauty stores like Ainz & Tulpe and Plaza.

Transino– All Japanese drugstores and beauty stores like Ainz & Tulpe and Plaza.

Kiku Masumune– All Japanese drugstores and beauty stores like Ainz & Tulpe and Plaza.

Curel– All Japanese drugstores and beauty stores like Ainz & Tulpe and Plaza.


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