Review: Keana Rice Face Mask


Keana Rice Face Mask ¥650

What is Keana Rice Face Mask?

A sheet face mask infused with a hydrating serum made completely from organic Japanese rice.

The Keana face mask serum is made from a combination of sake, rice bran oil, rice bran oil and rice ceramides. The nourishing blend of rice derived ingredients effectively treats dry, rough skin making it soft, plump and hydrated.

What did I think?


I have to admit, the cute light blue and white, packaging did catch my eye in the store.

It’s quite a simple, Japanese print style design with an illustration of a girl face surrounded by a rice plant.

The packaging is all written in Japanese, but the design is easy to recognise and “Keana Rice Mask” and “Made in Japan” are printed clearly on the front in English.

The simple, foil sachet packaging is resealable and contains 10 folded masks.

Texture and feel on the mask on your skin

The 100% cotton sheet mask contains quite a lot of serum, so be prepared for some drips (enough to massage onto your neck and back of the hands), but it is very easy to apply to the face. Keana Rice Mask has a basic face shape, that contains no splits along the jaw line and chin to help fit to your face shape, but the mask sits well and it easy to fold to fit the contours of the face. My only gripe with the shape of the mask is that the eye holes are a little small for my eyes, so you can easily drip serum in your eyes (which I did on my first try, and it stung quite a lot).

There is a faint smell of sake to the serum, but it is not at all overpowering or off-putting.  While wearing the mask, there is a nice cooling sensation on the skin and the mask stayed moist for some time, making it easy to wear for up to 20 minutes without drying out.


I really like how my skin looks and feels after using the Keana Rice Mask. It gave my dry skin a great boost of hydration, and left is feeling so soft and plump. Larger pores on my nose and chin also became less obvious after using this mask, a benefit I was a little dubious of when I read the packaging.


My recommendation

All in all, the Keana Rice Mask is a good quality, and reasonably sheet mask.  It is gentle, hydrating and I think all skin types could benefit from using this mask, particularly at this time of year when the skin can easily become dehydrated and rough.

This product also make a great souvenir or small gift for friends, as the Japanese style packaging and organic rice ingredients are quite unique.


How to use Keana Rice Face Mask

Follow the instructions on my earlier post here on how to use a Japanese sheet face mask.

The Keana Rice Face Mask is recommended to wear for 5 mins, and then massage the remaining serum into the skin before applying cream. This mask is suitable for daily use.


Where to buy Keana Face Mask in Tokyo?

Mastumoto Kiyoshi

Ainz & Tulpe


Tokyu Hands

(Outside Japan available on Amazon )


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