Tokyo Beauty Shopping: Cosme Kitchen


The entrance to Cosme Kitchen in Shibuya’s Hikarie Building. 

If natural and organic beauty products are your thing, then you will love the Cosme Kitchen stores that are now popping up around popular shopping locales in Tokyo.  When I first moved to Tokyo almost four years ago, the availability of natural and organic beauty products was really limited, but now the Japanese stores have a great selection of local and imported brands that have a natural and organic ethos.

Cosme Kitchen is a chain of natural and organic beauty stores, that offer an impressive edit of both skincare, cosmetics, haircare and even health food supplements in their gorgeously merchandised stores.

Oisesan bath products at Cosme Kitchen Ebisu

Each of the Cosme Kitchen stores has a slightly different brand and product offering depending on the size and location of the store, but there are core brand that seem to be available across Tokyo. The majority of brands in Cosme Kitchen stores are imported, offering customers a carefully curated range of quality natural and organic products. There is a great mix of big brand,  with complete skincare and cosmetic ranges, and small upcoming brands that may have one or two products.

Natural and organic hair products at Cosme Kitchen Ebsiu.

What stands out is the impressive range of Japanese natural and organic brands in Cosme Kitchen stores. Over the past two to three years there has been a significant increase in the number of natural and organic Japanese brands, and Cosme Kitchen has the best selection of local brands all in one store.

Some of the notable Japanese natural and organic brands available at Cosme Kitchen are EtVos, Mimic, TV & Movie, uka, Mama Butter, Hippoptomus, Made of Organics and Osiesan.

A lovely range of natural and organic mother and baby products at Cosme Kitchen Shibuya Hikarie.

Some of the best foreign natural and organic brands also sell there ranges at Cosme Kitchen stores including RMS, Trilogy, Jurlique, Giovanni , Shigeta and Dr Hauschka.


A wide selection of natural sunscreen at Cosme Kitchen Shibuya Hiakrie. 

There is a full list of brands available at Cosme Kitchen on their website, as well as an extensive online store.

If you are looking for the best one stop shop for organic and natural beauty products you can’t beat Cosme Kitchen.

Where can you find a Cosme Kitchen store in Tokyo?

There are 23 Cosme Kitchen stores in Tokyo and more around Japan (full list here)

Kashiwa Takashimaya

Shibuya Modi Shop

 Atre Ebisu

NEWoMan Shinjuku

Mark IS Minatomorai Shop

Lumine Kitasenju

GranTree Musashi Kosugi Shop

Lumine Omiya

Atre Mastoid

Kawasaki shop

LaLaPort Yokohama

Koshigawa Lake Town

Lumine Yokohama

Tamagawa Takashimaya

Atre Kichijoji


Shibuya Hikarie Shin Qs

Laforet Harajuku

Lumine Shinjuku

Lumine Ikebukuro

Lumine Yurakucho

Lumine Tachikawa

Coredo Nihonbashi





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