The Perfect Summer Day- Experience an Indugent Holistic Face and Body Treatment at Enoshima Island Spa

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Lomi Lomi full body massage at Beng Teng Spa

Summer in Tokyo has arrived, and if you are like me, the intense heat and humidity can have you dreaming of a tropical beach escape. If you are not lucky enough to be jetting off to Hawaii this Summer don’t fear, Enoshima Island Spa is the perfect way to easily escape the city heat. Enjoy a incredibly relaxing summer day with gorgeous outdoor pools, delicious food and pampering beauty treatments all while taking in the spectacular views of Mt.Fuji.

I personally love visiting Enoshima Island Spa, and have written about my previous visits before on Tokyo Beauty Book (read about it here and here), and I can’t wait to visit EnoSpa again for a day trip early next month. Make sure you follow my Instagram to follow my day there!

Every season the beautiful Beng Teng Spa creates a seasonal treatment, that is the perfect combination of treatment and pampering for the face and body. Starting in June, Beng Teng at Enoshima Island Spa began a Summer Campaign offering a Holistic healing Face and Body Treatment ( ¥20,000 for 110 minute treatment).

EnoSpa’s summer treatment begins with a Hawaiian Lomi lomi full body massage. Lomi lomi is based on the ancient Hawaiian philosophy, centred on achieving harmony in the mind, body and spirit. Working gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, nurturing the body and enabling the recipient to completely relax .  The continuous hand to skin contact and gentle Hawaiian music rhythm influence a healthy flow and balance within your mind and body.

Once the full body lomi lomi massage is complete, it is time to work a little deeper into the leg and back muscles with Beng Teng Spa’s signature hot stone massage. The combination of deeply relaxing hot stone massage guided smoothly with aromatic essential oils over the back and legs is guaranteed to remedy any deeper muscle aches and pains. Interestingly, the hot stone treatment is also believed to help ease muscle fatigue that often accompanies the hot and humid Japanese summer months. The hot stones used at Beng Teng Spa are fuku-ishi (purified) stones that have been blessed at the local, picturesque Enoshima shrine to withhold the Shinto charms including good luck, health, long life and beauty.

Now that the body and mind are completely relaxed, the next step is the EnoSpa summer facial treatment. This facial treatment has been carefully designed to nourish and treat the needs of your skin in the hot summer months. The facial treatment begins with a with a gentle cleanse, removing any impurities and prepare the skin for the facial treatment and mask.

The Beng Teng Spa aesthetician provides an expert facial massage by hand, using only an original aroma oil blend called “Ocean”. Featuring a combination of natural essential oils ylang-ylang, sandalwood and jasmine- the “Ocean” oil nourishes and balances the skin. While the facial massage relieves tension and stress build-up in the facial muscles which contribute to wrinkles and appearance of lines, increases blood circulation and eliminate toxins to give the skin a healthy summer glow.

With the facial massage complete, it is time to gently cool the skin with a refreshing gel skin mask to reduce skin redness and deliver moisture deep into the skin, leaving it plumped and smooth. To complete the facial, a soothing cooling treatment is provided by two specially designed bulb-shaped tools. The chilled bulbs are gently massaged over the face to tone and gently contour the face, as well as working to seal in moisture and skin softening ingredients from the gel mask and allowing them to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Watch the sunset over Mt.Fuji at Enoshima Island Spa

Once the amazing treatment is finished in the Beng Teng Spa, make sure you enjoy the rest of your time at Enoshima Island Spa with a dip in the incredible outdoor pool with it’s breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji and enjoy a delicious meal and drinks at the Island Grill Restaurant. With such amazing views and relaxing atmosphere I would definitely recommend staying to take in the beautiful summer sunset with your drink of choice.

My idea of the perfect summer day at Enoshima Island Spa.

Enoshima Island Spa- Summer Campaign

Available only for a limited time: June 1- August 31 2019

To make a reservation call Beng Teng on 0466-29-0690 or make a reservation online


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