Warming winter spa treatments at Enospa’s luxurious Beng Teng Spa



Those who have been following Tokyo Beauty Book for while may remember my visit to the gorgeous Enoshima Island Spa (linked here), where I spent the most amazing winter spa day enjoying the warm swimming pool and relaxing onsen while taking in the iconic views of Mt. Fuji. Visiting Enospa is definitely one of my absolute favourite ways to spend a cold winter’s day. 

So now with the cold winter months up ahead, it is definitely time to take advantage of the popular hot stone massage at Enospa’s exclusive Beng Teng Spa, which offers luxurious beauty treatments for both the face and body. Starting in December, Enospa are running a Winter Campaign offering two warming “Ginger & Hot Stone Massage”  treatments, one focusing solely on the body, and the other both the body and face (110 minutes and ¥20,000 each).


Beng Teng’s luxurious private treatment room

During winter, the hot stone massage is one of the most popular treatments at Being Teng and it is easy to see why. The combination of deeply relaxing hot stone massage and the ginger oil is guaranteed to remedy any niggling aches, lingering stress and warming the body to the core.

The hot stones used at Beng Teng Spa are fuku-ishi (purified) stones that have been blessed at the local, picturesque Enoshima shrine (also worth a visit when you visit Enospa) to withhold the Shinto charms including good luck, health, long life and beauty.  Made of the highest quality basalt, sourced from Mt. Fuji , the stones have been meticulously cured and hand-polished for use in the hot stone massage treatment. The excellent thermal quality of the stones ensures that they retain heat for up to 45 minutes, making it perfect for easing out deep muscle aches and pains with the combination of heat, high quality aromatic oil and skilled massage techniques.

Need to find a the perfect Christmas of End of Year Gift?

Enospa also have gift certificates (hooray!) Which making arranging the perfect Christmas or End of Year gift for friends, relatives or colleagues completely stress free. Enospa gift vouchers can be easily arranged online, and can even be arranged from overseas for someone special in Japan or someone visiting Japan via PayPal (hint, hint!)

I definitely know what’s on my Christmas list this year.

Enospa’s Winter Treatment Campaign- Ginger Oil & Hot Stone Massage 

Available only for a limited time: December 1st 2018  to February 28th 2019

To make a reservation call Beng Teng on 0466-29-0690 or make a reservation online

Visit: https://enoshimaislandspa.com/beng-teng-spa/gift-certificates/

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