Enoshima Island Spa- The perfect day trip from Toyko



Packing my swimsuit for trip to Enoshima is not something I would usually find myself doing in the middle of January. But on a recent, brisk winter’s day, I found myself doing just that. After following my usual Monday morning routine of rushed breakfast, making bento and kindergarten drop-off. Instead of sitting down at the computer to work , I packed my swimsuit and a book, and headed off to experience Enoshima Island Spa (EnoSpa), a natural hot spring and day spa on Enoshima.

Enoshima is a small island, located very closely to Kamakura and it’s famed Big Buddha, just an hour south of Tokyo. Enoshima’s relaxed beach vibe, hiking trials and delicious restaurant make it the perfect place for a day trip all-year round.

One of the best things about Enoshima, is that it’s so easily accessible from Tokyo. There is a direct train from Shinjuku, which will have you at Enoshima- Katae station in 60 minutes, but it feels a million miles away from the frenetic pace of Tokyo life.

On the day that I visited Enoshima, I am blessed with sunshine, clear blue skies and an incredible view of Fuji San as I walk across the bridge from the station. EnoSpa is easy to locate as you walk across to Enoshima, a grand terraced building on the right side of the island facing Mt.Fuji.

Arrival at EnoSpa

On my arrival, checking into EnoSpa was easy to negotiate. Simply remove your shoes and check them into a locker immediately at the entrance. To close the locker you have to remove the key which is attached to a wristband, you will wear your wristband during your visit to EnoSpa and simply swipe to pay for items as you go, such as shiatsu massage or if you decide to have something to eat or drink. This system is extremely convenient, as then so you don’t need to carry around cash.

After a warm welcome from the reception staff, I am pleased to hear that Monday is Ladies Day, so there is a the reduced entry price (¥1,964). Information about EnoSpa is all provide in English, so even when the staff member has only a little English capability is still very easy to understand the process and flow of your visit.

An important question is asked by the Eno Spa staff before check in, regarding body art or tattoos. There is strictly no body art/ tattoos allowed in the Eno Spa facility. This is a common rule for Japanese hot spring (onsen) and one that is strictly enforced.

I am also reminded that telephones, iPad and camera’s are also not allowed within the facility, to ensure the patrons privacy is protected, but also so the calm and tranquil environment is maintained. We are all so attached to our phones, it is nice to have day technology free, just to relax and completely enjoy the EnoSpa experience.

I take my bag containing a bath towel, terry robe and onsen towel and enter the spa.



Originally started as a private members club, EnoSpa now also is open to the public, and is Enoshima’s only natural hot spring. Offering mineral rich natural spring water being pumped from 1,500 below the ocean surface. In total there are 15 different types of natural hot spring baths on offer. EnoSpa has much more than just their natural hot springs on offer, there is also the luxury Beng Teng Spa, Yumemi Shiatsu massage, Aufguss sauna, heated indoor and outdoor pools, relaxation lounges, luxurious change rooms, as well as restaurants and cafe where you can enjoy delicious food and drink. EnoSpa has everything you could possible need from a day spa.

The EnoSpa staff kindly provided me with a recommended treatment schedule for the day. After changing into my swimsuit, my first stop it the fragrant Aufguss sauna, then I will take a dip in the heated indoor and outdoor pools. After my swim I will head to Yumemi Shiatsu for a full body and face massage, then finish my day with a soak in the onsen. Sounds like the perfect spa day!

Aufguss Sauna


Warming up with a sauna is the perfect way to start today’s spa experience. The morning was really cold, so I was really ready for some heat. The fragrant Aufguss sauna is quite unique, offering a herbal sauna experience. The heated herbal fragrance definitely makes for a more relaxing and pleasant sauna, and as a bonus herbal aromas help to detoxify the skin. I happily relax in the sauna for about fifteen minutes. The atmosphere is serene and the perfect way to transition into a more relaxed mindset, to enjoy and make the most of the indulgent spa day.


Swimming Pools

After heating up in the sauna, my next stop is the heated swimming pools.

EnoSpa has a number of unisex heated pools (swimsuit required), both indoor and outdoor. Inside there are a number of different types of temperature pools and spas, all of which look out onto the ocean and Mt. Fuji across the bay.



Braving the cold January temperature I head to the outdoor pool area. There are two heated  pools, the largest of the two is an infinity pool, boasting incredible views of the rock pools below and of course the magnificent Mt. Fuji.

I am so glad that I did brave the cold as the pool temperature is perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. I happily float in the pool, basking in the winter sunshine and taking in the breathtaking view. If you do nothing else at EnoSpa you have to swim in this outdoor pool, it really is  a unique and remarkable experience.



In summertime, EnoSpa has a number of additional outdoor pools that are available for guests, so they can enjoy the amazing outdoor environment and views.

Shiatsu massage

Dragging myself way from the view, I have to get to my shiatsu massage treatment. Shiatsu massage appointments can simply be made on the day you visit EnoSpa.  A full body and face treatment will take almost two hours. I have never tried shiatsu massage before so I am really interested to experience this traditional Japanese style of massage.


Shiatsu is an active massage treatment where the therapist uses their thumbs, hands, elbows, knees and even feet to work on the pressure points around your body. Limbs are actively lifted, stretched and rotated to move the joints and ligament. Shiatsu can be uncomfortable at times, especially where there problem areas and tension, but as the experienced massuse repeats each movement a few times, you gradually feel stiffness and tension being worked out of these areas- and it feels amazing.

At the end of my massage I feel incredible. I immediately feel my movement is lighter and problem areas like shoulders and neck are much relieved.

With a recommendation to drink plenty of water, I head to the onsen.



There is direct access to the female onsen from the  female change rooms, so I quickly drink some water and head for the shower. The natural onsen at Eno Spa is all indoors, making is perfect to visit anytime, and the high windows make sure that the privacy of the patrons is maintained without forsaking the priceless views. There are 3 types of onsen baths on offer: mid-temperature bath, elevated temperature bath and a carbonated bath. Relaxing in the onsen feels amazing after my massage treatment, and I happily alternate between the different temperature pools while enjoying the view of the perfect blue sky winter’s day outside.

It’s hard to drag myself away, but it’s time to start heading back to Tokyo after an incredibly relaxing and indulgent day at EnoSpa. So I head back to the well equipped change rooms to rug up for the trip home on the train to Shinjuku.

Island Grill Restaurant


If all of that relaxing has worked up an appetite, Eno Spa also has an Island Grill Restaurant on the 4th floor  overlooking the Pacific Ocean, where you can have a delicious lunch set (from ¥2,160) to replenish your energy  before you head back on the train to Tokyo.

As, I walk back across the bridge to the station I feel completely relaxed, happy and warmed to the core from the onsen. EnoSpa really is the perfect place to visit if you are in Tokyo, and want to escape the city to treat yourself to a relaxing onsen/ spa day with incredible views of iconic Mt.Fuji. Perfect to visit with friends, family or by yourself, a day at Enospa will have you wondering why you don’t visit Enoshima more often.

Enoshima Island Spa

Enoshima 2-1-6

Fujisawa City, Kanagawa, Japan



Phone: +81 (0)466 290 688

Website: www.enoshimaislandspa.com

Operating Hours

Regular season. March- June & September-November: 10:00-22:00 (Last entry 21:00).

Summer season. July- August: 10:00-22:00 (Last entry 21:00).

Winter Season. December- February: 11:00-21:00 (Last entry 20:00).


Entrance Rates

Adult- day rate: ¥2,742.

Adult- night rate (entry from 6pm): ¥2,223.

Children (elementary school age and above): ¥1,296.  Please note: no children on Sundays.

Ladies Day (each Monday): ¥1,964. Note: Not available when Monday falls on national holidays, Golden Week, Obon and New Year Holiday.


How to get to Enoshima Island Spa

By car

Enoshima is only a one hour drive from Tokyo (varies depending on traffic conditions) and there are three parking areas available nearby Enoshima Island Spa. Parking fees range between ¥200-¥350.

By train

1. Tokyo- Fujisawa (1 hour)

Odyaku Enoshima Line, JR Ueno Line or the JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line to Fujisawa Station. You can easily access these lines from Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ueno and Shinagawa stations in Tokyo.

2. Odyaku Line from Fujisawa to Katase-Enoshima.

If you take the JR Ueno or JR Shonan- Shinjuku lines you will need to get off at Fujisawa and catch the Odyaku Line to Katase- Enoshima.

3. Exit Katase- Enoshima station and walk 1 km (or very short taxi ¥730) across the bridge to Enoshima Island.  As you walk across the bridge, you will see Enoshima Island spa built into the side of the island on the right.

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