Last Minute Japanese Beauty Gifts you can find at the Japanese drugstore, Plaza or Loft

If you are still looking for some last minute Christmas Gifts, don’t panic. There are plenty of gorgeous and festive Japanese beauty products to find at the Japanese drugstore, Plaza or Loft, that make amazing Christmas (or end of year) gifts. Many Japanese cosmetic and skincare brands make special edition gift packs and shades for the Christmas season, so there are plenty of amazing Japanese beauty products to gift, and best of all they are really affordable!

Here are a few of my favourites.

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Hacica Honey Essence Hand Cream ¥650

This beautifully packaged hand cream makes a lovely and practical Christmas gift. The moisturising cream contains 100% Raw Honey, 100% Botanical Oils and Natural Collagen. Making it perfect for the dry Japanese winter months.

Available at Plaza stores

Saborino Morning Mask – Rich Moisturising 
Saborino Fatigue Night Mask- Rich Moisturising 

Saborino Morning and Night Sheet Masks ¥1,404 each (28 sheets per pack)

Saborino 60-second Morning skincare masks have been a huge hit in Japan over the past 2 years (read my review here). They are innovative, quick to use and make fun gift for a friend or loved one.

The Saborino sheet mask range has now expanded to include a morning and night version of the multi-purpose 60-second application mask, and for Winter there is the extra moisturising range (pictured above). The Morning Mask- Moisturising type has pink packaging and has a rich berry scent, thanks to the blend of pomegranate, blueberry and grapefruit extracts. Night time mask- Moisturising has lilac packaging and contains soothing lavender, fig, milk, raspberry and horse mentha leaf. 

Whether is is morning or night it is the same application process, simply apply onto the face for 60 seconds and gently remove the mask and all of your skincare needs have been fulfilled. Note- You will need to remove your makeup prior to application of the nighttime mask though.

Available at Japanese drugstores and beauty stores

Lululun Limited Edition Christmas Gift Pack

Lululun Limited Edition Christmas Gift Pack ¥1,620

For the sheet mask devotee, there is no better gift than the Lululun Limited Edition Christmas Gift Pack. A mixture of three of Lululun’ s most popular sheet mask variations (Pink- Moisture Balance, Blue- Intensive Moisture, White- Brightening) and it wouldn’t be Christmas with a Seasonal Limited Edition Lululun sheet mask, complete with the scent of fir trees. Perfect for relaxing in the bath on Christmas Eve.

Available at Plaza, Japanese drugstores and beauty stores

Suisai Beauty Clear Powder- Limited Edition ¥2,160 (32 pieces)

The much loved Japanese skincare product, Suisai Beauty Clear Powder is a true cult Japanese beauty product. The little pods of enzyme cleansing powder have consistently been the Number One selling product in category for the past few years, and only continues to grow. So to celebrate and say thank you to its fans, the brand has released a Limited edition design complete with Kawaii love hearts and thank you messages. Grab them while they last! These will go quickly.

Opera Lip Tint

Opera Lip Tint ¥1,500

Ranked as the #1 Lip product on @cosme for the past few years. This lip oil tint has a major following among Japanese women, as they love the sheer colour and glossy moisturising texture of Opera Lip Tint. The formula is easy to apply and has a wide range of shades, that make Opera Lip Tint flattering on all skin types. Look out for the limited edition shade for Christmas.

Available at Japanese drugstores and beauty stores

Cezanne Pearl Glow Highlight

Cezanne Pearl Glow Highlight ¥600

Pretty as a picture, the Cezanne Pearl Glow Highlighter adds an impressive amount of glow and shine to the skin, in all the right places. Your friends will thank you for introducing this affordable must have to their makeup bag. Just make sure you buy one for yourself while you are at it!

Available at Japanese drugstores and beauty stores

Canmake Fruity Pure Oil Lip ¥700

The popularity of French brand Clarins Lip Oils has really made an impact in Japan, and Canmake have now made there own version with the gorgeous (and much more affordable) Fruity Pure Lip Oil. Available in three tropical sounding flavours, Clear Peach, Mango Pineapple and Lychee Soda. Contains 98% beautifying oils. The deeply moisturising oils condition the lips while keeping them looking pretty.

Available at Japanese drugstores and beauty stores

Whomee Kira Cheek Dyna Ball 

Whomee Kira Cheek Dyna Ball ¥1,800

Whomee is the creation of Japanese makeup artist, Shinobu Igari, and any of the products from the range will make fantastic gifts for those who love easy to use, everyday cosmetic products (read more here about the initial Whomee range). After the success of the first line of Whomee products earlier in 2018, a second range of Whomee products have hit the beauty shelves in Japan with Kira lip gloss, cream eye shadow, eyeliner and the beautiful Kira Cheek Dyna Ball (pictured above). It is hard to choose just one product and at these great prices you can easily buy the whole set!

Available at Plaza stores

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