New Japanese Beauty brand-Whomee Igari

One of the most interesting and exciting Japanese Beauty launches of 2018 so far, is the Whomee makeup line, created by iconic Tokyo makeup artist- Shinobu Igari.

If the name Igari sounds familiar, then you have probably seen or heard about the famous Igari or hangover makeup (not a literal translation) created by, and named after its visionary creator.

Last month a complete range of Whomee Igari cosmetics launched in Japanese beauty stores, and the on trend, affordable range has already started to sell out.

So have a look below at the gorgeous and easy-to-use Whomee products below, then be sure to try them for yourself.  Adding a little Whomee to your makeup routine is the quickest and easiest way to add a touch of effortless, cool Tokyo- style to your look.

Still unsure of how to use the Whomee products? Do yourself a favour and follow Whomee’s Instagram account and watch short videos or read detailed diagrams, created by and featuring Shinobu Igari herself, detailing how to use the Whomee products.

All images below courtesy of the official Whomee website

Colour Control Base ¥1,800

Containing four colour correcting shade (pink, yellow, blue and purple) add moisture, shine and balance to the skin before applying foundation.

Cushion UV Compact SPF 50/ PA++++  ¥2,300

Cushion format sunscreen that primes the skin for makeup fresh dewy skin, while protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays and external stimuli like pollution. The hydrating and protecting formula contains ceramides, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Wasabinoki seed extract, making this the perfect combination of skincare/UV protection /makeup primer. It has a whitening effect on the skin.

Foundation ¥2,500

A natural liquid foundation that leaves the skin glowing and lustrous. Available in two shades.A liquid natural-look foundation that is formulated to create the perfect “shiny veil” lustre and transparency to the skin that is J-beauty ideal. Again, this foundation is packed with skincare ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and E to keep your skin in tip-top condition throughout the day (or night).

Available in two shades- light and natural.

Concealer ¥2,000

Moisturising liquid concealer with a convenient wand applicator for precise and easy application to problem areas. Leaving the skin balanced, moist and firm.

Available in 2 shades- light and natural.

Highlight powder ¥1,800

Multiple highlight powder that can be used anywhere, such as the bridge of the nose, under the eyes, temples and cupids bow. A secret powder that feels like a bare skin, but adds light perfectly to the high points of the face.

Face Powder ¥1,800

Whomee Face powder has a light, fine particles that help fix base makeup in place preventing makeup from disappearing adds natural coverage.

Multi Glow Stick ¥1,800

The multi-glow stick provides a sheer glowing tint to the skin, ideal for creating Igairi’s signature flushed cheek look. But don’t be limited only to the cheek with this handy multi-glow stick, it is also perfect for applying to eyelids and lips.

Available in 4 shades: Diva (bronze), Hero (shimmering beige), Richesse (pink orange), M (red).

Lipstick ¥1,500

Create the effortless lip colour with this moisturising lip stick. To be applied and blurred with the finger to create a stain like effect on the lips

Available in 5 shades: Crave (pop candy pink), Seek (Japanese red), Request (deep Bordeaux), Desire (pink beige), Want (chocolate brown).

Multi Oil Mist ¥1,800

Taking inspiration from the much-loved K-beauty trend of shiny, dewy look skin, this multi-use oil spray adds a balanced combination of moisture and oil in an easy to use spray. Designed to be used anywhere on the body face, body and hair.

Multi Lip Balm ¥1,600

An intensive moisturising lip balm rich with ceramides, vitamin C, vitamin E, olive fruit oil, and squalane. This lip balm can we worn on its own or as hydrating base under lipstick.

Foundation Brush ¥2,800

Both of these makeup brushes are handmade in Hiroshima Prefecture by the master by Kumano craftworkers. Available in two designs, these are the only two brushes that you need to create this modern makeup look.

The soft face makeup brush is perfect for applying and blending of liquid and cream foundation and blush, to achieve the ultimate seamless effect.

Lip Brush ¥2,800

Ideal for lipstick and lip balm. The shape of the brush is best suited for blending and blurring lip colour to emphasise natural contours. Easy to transport in your handbag with a replaceable cap.

Where can you buy Whomee Igari in Tokyo?


Ainz & Tulpe


Tokyo Hands

@cosme Store

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