A-Z of Japanese Beauty. F is for Foam Cleanser.


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Foam cleanser- a water activated or aerosol foam that is applied to the face to clean away surface impurities, as well as removing residual make-up, dirt and sebum from the pores. 


The Japanese have quite an obsession with foam cleansers.

Cleansing foam is most commonly used as the second step of a double cleanse routine, for washing the face and making sure pores and left clean of any residual dirt or sebum. The bubbles of the foam cleanser are believed to work more efficiently than other types of cleansers at getting into the pores and loosening impurities, so that they can then be rinsed away.

Around the world foaming cleansers are widely used, but what make the Japanese foam cleansers so unique, is that instead of just a few sudsy bubbles, we are talking thick dense foam, sometimes almost the consistency of shaving cream.




Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap ¥1,200

This latest release from Kanebo has the beauty world talking, and hands down, it has to be the most feminine and pretty cleanser in the world. The unique dense foam cleanser is dispensed from the top of the aerosol packaging in the shape of a perfect rose! This highly moisturising cleansing foam is designed for mature and dry skin types, and contains a number of anti-aging ingredients such royal jelly , hyaluronic acid and sake. But let’s face it, this gorgeous product is worth a try just for the novelty factor!



Senka Perfect Whip ¥627

Visit any Japanese drugstore (or convenience store) and you will be able to find the easily recognisable blue the blue bottle of Perfect Whip. Perfect Whip is an extremely popular and affordable dense foam facial cleanser. It is much loved for its rich, creamy, dense foam that cushions the face, and leaves the skin super clean and soft. The latest formulation includes more moisturising ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and silk essence. Without a doubt a Japanese drugstore favourite.



Itsukano sekkan ¥1,728

A mineral rich enzyme soap that is worked into a dense foam, either in the palm of your hand or with a whipping net. Once a dense foam consistency has been achieved the foam is gently placed on the face as a mask, and then rinsed away with warm water. The formula is gentle on the skin, removing any impurities and the enzymes work to remove the build up of dead skin cells leaving the skin perfectly clean and fresh.


Where to buy these products in Tokyo?


Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap- Japanese drugstores like Matsumoto Kiyoshi and Tomod’s.

Senka Perfect Whip- any Japanese drugstore, as well as many convenience stores.

Itsukano sekken- Beauty specialty stores like Ainz & Tulpe and Plaza.


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