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An effective, multi-benefit eye cream is still quite difficult to find in Japanese skin care brand ranges. Traditionally, Japanese woman have not used a specific eye cream and simply used their lotion or cream around the eye area, but in recent years this has started to change and (slowly) more eye creams are appearing in their ranges. Interestingly, many of the Japanese eye creams are named lip and eye creams, something that is not common in Western skincare ranges.

I am always on the look out for a new eye cream, as I seem to get through them at a rapid rate, and feel rather anxious if I have to go without….

On a recent shopping trip I noticed the Shu Uemura Tsuya Youth Infusing Eye Concentrate, and if the promise of a more youthful eye area was not enough, I was pleasantly surprised by the ¥5,000 price tag. I was also keen to try more skin care products from the Shu Uemura range, although I am an avid fan of their Ultime8 Cleansing Oil, I haven’t tried many other Shu Uemura skincare products.


Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin Youth Infusing Eye Concentrate (15ml  ¥1,500)


What is Tsuya Eye Concentrate?

A new addition to Shu Uemura’s popular Tsuya skin care range, the Skin Youth Infusing eye concentrate promises to target all the traditional signs of aging in the eye area (think fine lines and wrinkles), but it is also designed to create a more wide-eyed and youthful appearance. Effectively waking up tired, droopy eyes.

What Shu Uemura say about Tsuya Eye Concentrate:

“switches on a new dimension to eyes, combating factors that contribute to the impression of small eyes, caused by loss of elasticity of the eyelid, drooping eyelashes and dark circles.” (

What did I think?

Packaging: Minimal and no fuss. The tube is easy to use and dispenses only a small amount of eye concentrate, which importantly means minimal wastage. I haven’t reached the end of the product yet, but I assume I will have to cut the end (as I always do) to use the remaining cream.

Texture: This light, slightly pearlescent eye cream absorbs quickly into the eye area, leaving it feeling hydrated and comfortable, but definitely not slick with product. I was impressed that there was almost no residue after a minute or so, which makes it perfect for application in the morning when you want to quickly follow  up with your makeup application. I also loved that there was no pilling  of eye cream when I applied my foundation, which indicated that the product was fully absorbed into the skin.

Results: My eye area definitely felt hydrated and comfortably nourished after applying this eye cream. Fine lines were plumped immediately after application, but by the afternoon/ evening I did feel that the eye area was getting a little dehydrated. The brightening formula did improve the appearance of dark shadows somewhat, and I definitely felt in the morning that Tsuya Eye Concentrate did “wake up” my sleepy eyes, making them seem wider and more rested.

My recommendation: Overall Tsuya Youth Infusing Concentrate is good quality eye cream, that would work particularly well for combination to oily skin types.If you have dry and/or more mature skin, you might find this eye cream too light, particularly in the dry winter months. I would particularly recommend this eye cream for morning use, when a lighter formula eye cream is preferable, and then skip to a heavier eye cream at night.  Even though this is an anti-aging product, I believe it would be better for those who don’t have significant fine lines and deep wrinkles around the eyes.

How to use Tsuya Skin Youth Infusing Eye Concentrate.

  1. Apply to a freshly clean face, after application of toner/ essence.
  2. Use only about a rice grain size of cream for each eye.
  3. Using the fingertip, gently dot eye cream around the under eye area, and one dot just under the arch of eye brow on the brow bone.
  4. Gently pat the cream into the skin, being careful not to drag the delicate skin, until the cream absorbs into the skin.


Where to buy Shu Uemura in Tokyo

Shu Uemura- Flagship store in Omotesando Hills and their online store

All Japanese department stores.

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