Autumn Campaign at EnoSpa

Autumn is my favourite time of year in Japan. The hot and humid summer months change to cool, crisp weather perfect for enjoying the beautiful changing colours of the Autumn leaves.

With the change from high humidity to the cool, dry winter weather means a significant change in your skin condition. Autumn is the perfect time to treat your skin to a body and facial treatment at EnoSpa.

For a limited time EnoSpa are running a seasonal, high-quality beauty care and massage treatment course specifically designed for the Autumn months. Available only until November 30th.

Give your skin a Collagen boost! The EnoSpa facial is the perfect treatment for anyone wishing to rebalance the vital functions of their skin and correct the signs of ageing. Instant smoothing of lines and re-hydration for thirsty skin.

The collagen facial helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while providing instant and lasting skin hydration and leaving your skin smooth and plump.  The skin becomes fuller, with improved elasticity and suppleness, giving the skin a refreshed and more youthful appearance. Collagen facials can achieve such results by slowing down the breakdown of the natural collagen. They also safeguard the collagen in your skin from the invasion of damaging UV.

Collagen facials also deeply moisturise the skin, giving your face an overall refreshed and rejuvenated look.

While the facial works to repair your skin, you can be put at ease with the relaxing atmosphere provided by our relaxing spa atmosphere. The soft lighting, quietly playing music and the aromatic oils all help to relax your mind and body while your body benefits from the extra pampering and relaxation. The full body massage performed by EnoSpa’s expert staff will ensure your muscles are soothed and relaxed, leaving you feeling both balanced and revitalised.

Autumn Campaign: 100 minutes / 20,000 yen per person 

Please visit then EnoSpa website to make a reservation.

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Sponsored post- In partnership between Enoshima Island Spa and Tokyo Beauty Book.

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