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Flow Fushi The Eye Cream (7.5g) ¥2,500

What is The Eye Cream?

Just as the name suggests…it is an eye cream.

As I have written about a few times before, a good eye cream is actually quite difficult to find in Japan. This is especially true at the drug store where there are surprisingly few on offer (Here is a post about 5 great eye creams you can find at the drugstore) as most Japanese woman actually don’t use eye cream regularly (more about that here).

In fact, Flow Fushi identified that only 1% of Japanese women used an eye cream during their daily skin care regime. Through their research Flow Fushi discovered that the main reason woman were opting not to buy or use eye cream was the cost. Eye creams are just  too expensive (Flow Fushi website).

So in light of these findings, Flow Fushi decided to create a serious eye care cream at a reasonable price, and called it simply what it is. The Eye Cream.

The Eye Cream contains Flow Fushi’s signature ingredient, a natural end mineral (garnet) as well as Vitamin C and peptides to treat and hydrate the skin with a multi layer approach.


What did I think?


Flow Fushi do an amazing job with their packaging. Be it the Mote Mascara or the Ion de Cushion foundation, all of the Flow Fushi products have a slick, minimalist, metallic chrome look  to them, which definitely appeals to me and sets the Flow Fushi products apart from other Japanese drugstore beauty brands.

Flow Fushi The Eye Cream has a gorgeous metallic rose-coloured tube, with a beautifully coordinated metallic pointed lid. The long pointed lid is easy to grip and you simply snap the lid off the tube to reveal the flat massage applicator.


When you squeeze the tube you can see the eye cream appear from the centre of the massage tip, it’s easy to judge and control the “rice grain” size amount of cream for application. Then you use the massage tip on the end of the tube to gently massage the cream into the eye area.

I really like this type of eye cream applicator, as it prevents you from being too rough with your finger tips, pulling at the delicate skin around the eye, and it helps (even those who don’t know how to facial massage) give the tired muscles around the eye a nice amount of attention and relaxation. I also love that the tube keeps thing nice and hygienic, as you are not putting your fingers into the cream each time you use it, which is very important around the eye area.

Texture and feel on the skin

The Eye Cream has a thick cream texture and a very subtle pleasant scent. When you push the tube to dispense the cream is quite dense, and I had the feeling it would take quite some time to absorb full into the skin. However, as you start applying the cream to the eye area with the flat massage tip, it almost immediately melts into the skin, leaving the skin richly hydrated and refreshed.


The delicate skin around my eye was soft and plump after application, best of all it stayed that way hours later. I did notice that my skin had a slightly “tacky” feel to it, but it definitely not sticky or greasy, so this didn’t bother me too much. In the morning I do have to make sure to control the amount of The Eye Cream I apply, and leave it for at least 5 minutes before applying foundation and concealer, otherwise there was some “pilling” of excess product. Overnight this my ideal eye cream texture, as the thick cream ensures the eye area is still thoroughly hydrated when you wake.


My recommendation

I highly recommend this eye cream for use over the winter months when skin needs the extra boost of hydration and you feel the need for heavier weight eye cream. The Eye Cream leaves the eye area comfortably hydrated all day and overnight, and the gentle massage technique definitely soothes the tired eye muscles and reduce some puffiness. Overall, I would recommend this eye cream to those where hydration is their main concern. If you have other concerns such as puffiness, dark circles and deeper wrinkles then this eye cream will not be enough, and you will need to look for another eye cream with more targeted active ingredients. But for the ¥2,500 price tag I think that this is a good buy, especially as many of the Japanese drugstore brand eye creams are upwards of ¥5,000!


How to use Flow Fushi The Eye Cream


  1. After following your prefered skincare routine eye cream should be applied after cream/ emulsion.
  2. Remove the cap, and gently squeeze the tube until a grain size amount of The Eye Cream appear on the massage applicator.
  3. Starting from the inner corner of the eye gently smoothes  cream all the way out to all the way out to the temple using the massage applicator.
  4. I usually repeat this movement 3-4 times, lifting the massage tip off the skin at the corner of the eye and placing it back down at the corner rather than dragging it back and forward. Always take care not to drag or pull the skin!
  5.  Then continue to massage from the outer corner of the eye up towards the hair-line. Repeat the movement 3-4 times.
  6. Then swap sides and do the same on the other eye.
  7. Leave eye cream to absorb for at least 5 minutes before moving onto makeup.
  8. Use both day and night.



Where to buy Flow Fushi The Eye Cream in Tokyo?

Mastumoto Kiyoshi

Ainz & Tulpe


Tokyu Hands

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