5 Of The Best Japanese Drugstore Eye Creams

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Maihada Hadajun Improvement Eye Cream ¥5,000

Tones, firms and brightens the eye area. 

This gentle and nourishing eye cream is the perfect remedy for eyes that are starting to show the signs of aging with fine lines and dull skin. Maihada Hadajun intensive eye cream banishes all traces of skin dryness, fine lines are plumped and less noticeable- the entire eye area appears more radiant and  youthful.


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Obagi Derma Power X Eye Specialist ¥6,000

High quality anti-aging eye cream containing collagen and elastin. 

The Obagi Japanese drugstore range offers extremely high quality anti-aging products, and their Derma Power X Eye Specialist eye cream is definitely worth a try. Containing both  potent active ingredients collagen and elastin, this this anti-aging eye cream is designed for dry skin types, and has a rich cream texture that is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving it hydrated, plump and fine lines improved.



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Astalift Eye Cream ¥7,000

An anti-aging eye cream that targets wrinkles and firms the eye area.

Packed with anti-aging and hydrating ingredients such as squalene and three types of collagen, this eye cream smoothes gently on the delicate eye area to thoroughly moisturise and firm the skin. A little of this thick gel eye cream goes a long way!



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Namerakahonpo Wrinkle Eye Cream ¥1,000

An affordable eye cream that contains retinol derivatives.

A true bargain Japanese beauty product, this authentic Japanese skin care brand uses soy milk isoflavone as its unique key ingredient in all of their products. In the Namerakahonpo range there is a wrinkle eye cream that contains retinol derivatives that help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle around the eyes. This cream leaves the eye care smooth and supple.



Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 2.16.11 pmHadakiwakami Eye Lift Cream ¥5,000

This highly moisturising eye cream includes a clever massage applicator to gently reduce puffiness and promote circulation.

Hadakiwakami eye cream plumps finelines caused by dryness with its highly moisturising formula contains the brands hero ingredient Rice Power No.11, and other active ingredients such as green tea and glycerin to moisturise, brighten and build resilience to delicate eye area. The massage applicator gives a cool, gentle massage to the eye area which is perfect for reviving tired eyes.


Where can you buy these products in Tokyo? 

All of these products are available at Japanese drugstores like Matsumoto Kiyoshi and beauty specialty stores like Ainz & Tulpe and Plaza.

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