The latest addition to the Momo Puri skincare family

The latest innovation in the Momo Puri skincare range has arrived in time for the Fall/ Winter season in Japan, a glide-on barrier essence.

The new glide on beauty essence envelopes the skin in a moisture rich veil to help keep it looking beautiful day after day.

Made with lactobacillus and peach ceramides

Containing moisturising lactobacillus, peach ceramides sourced from Japanese peaches, plus three additional types of ceramides for skin that’s as plump and healthy as a peach day after day.

Moisturising veil forms a protective barrier

Contains amino acid emollients that envelopes even rough skin in a rich, moisturising veil.

Leave skin smooth, clean and toned

Infuses the skin with moisture for gradual toning and a hydrated elasticity. Contains vitamin C derivatives and vitamin E.

How to use

  1. Apply the Momo Puri Essence to freshly cleaned skin, directly after the application of Japanese-style lotion.
  2. You will need about a pearl size amount of essence.
  3. Gently apply all over the face.
  4. Follow with emulsion/ cream if required.

What I thought of Momo Puri Essence

The Momo Puri range is one of my top Japanese drugstore skincare ranges. It manages to combine the unique Japanese kawaii appeal, effective skincare ingredients and appealing textures and fragrance. I found the Momo Puri Essence had a beautiful soft and smooth texture on application, the essence just glides across the skin and you really do have the feeling of “enveloping” and creating a protective barrier. That said, the essence layer does not feel at all thick or sticky. My combination/ dry skin loves the moisturising properties of the essence, and really does feel strengthened and bouncier after use. I love using the Momo Puris essence as an extra moisturising and protective skincare layer before bedtime or when my skin texture is feeling rough and in need of some extra care. This is a really affordable skincare addition to your skincare routine as the cooler months arrive in Japan.

Made in Japan

Allergy tested

Delicate peach scent

35g, 1,000 yen

Available from PLAZA, Japanese Drug and Beauty Variety stores.

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