REVIEW: Saborino “Tiredness” Night Mask (Rich Moisturising Type)

What is it?

A new version of the popular 60 sec sheet mask that takes care of all of your nightly skincare routine in one step. Simply apply the mask to clean skin, leave for 1 minute, take off the mask and you are ready to fall asleep

Perfect for late nights, and when you are so tired that multiple skincare steps are just not going to happen.

What does it do?

A 5-in-1 sheet mask that focuses on moisture and firming skin. This clever mask will replace the lotion, beauty essence, light exfoliation and cream steps of your evening skincare routine and have you into bed with zero guilt over not looking after your skin.

Ingredients and what they do

Moisture: Rosehip extract , Raspberry extract, Fig fruit extract, Milk extract, Honey, Collagen, LipidureĀ®, Na hyaluronate and peat extract

Skin Firming: Lavender flower extract, Peanut leaf extract, Wild thyme extract, Isaiyobara extract

Exfoliation: Malic Acid

Anti-oxidant: Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Fragrance: Floral Milk Berry

How to use Saborino Night Sheet Mask

Step 1: Prepare the skin for mask by removing makeup and cleansing the skin.

Step 2: Carefully take a mask out of the pack and unfold.

Step 3: Place the mask on you face and gently stretch the side of the mask to fit the face.

Step 4: Wait 60 seconds. If you have skin that is dry or if you want more moisturising result then you can leave the mask for longer, around 5 -10 minutes.

Step 5: Take of the mask and gently fold and wipe over the neck and decolletage to use up any excess serum.

What did I think?

The fit of the mask is good, I could gently stretch the mask on the side to fit nicely to the shape of my face. This has definitely improved since the original Saborino sheet mask launched!

The mask is not dripping with essence, but the cotton feels quite thick and substantial and adheres well to the skin without drying out.

I used a Jade roller over the top of the sheet mask to “massage” the skin, it feels very relaxing and helps to smooth any air bubbles. It’s not essential, just a nice addition if you have one.

When I removed the mask after 60 seconds there was a nice amount of residual essence on the skin. My combination/ dry skin felt very comfortable and moisturised, with no dry patches on my cheek or forehead. As my skin felt sufficiently hydrated after removing the mask I decided to hold off applying a cream on top (as I usually do with the Chamomile & Lavender version). I went to sleep curious to see how my skin would feel in the morning, and hoping that I wouldn’t regret skipping a cream to act as a barrier locking in the great combination moisturising ingredients from mask.

When I checked my skin the morning my skin looked and felt great. There was no overnight dryness at all, I had to admit I expected my forehead area (which is very temperamental and high maintenance) to feel slightly dry and rough. That feeling when you are using a moisturiser that is just not rich enough. However, I was really impressed! The combination rich moisturising ingredients in the new Saborino night mask are suitable for dry and mature skin types- making the sometimes tedious nighttime skincare routine a thing of the past. These night masks really are great value and a pleasure to use. I will definitely keep using this Oyasumi (night time) version!

Where can you buy Saborino “Tiredness” Night Sheet Mask


Japan Launch: Japan February 2020 (28 sheet masks per pack, 1,300 yen)

Available at variety shops (Plaza, Loft etc) from late February 2020

Available at Japanese drug stores from early March 2020


Australia Launch: TBC. I will update this post and feature on Tokyo Beauty Book Instagram when this version of the Saborino Night Mask is available to purchase in Australia.

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