Relax, detox, indulge this Spring at Beng Teng Spa in Enoshima

With Spring in the air, the warmer days and blossoms have many thinking of detoxing and rebalancing the skin and body, in preparation for summer. As always the expert staff at EnoSpa’s award winning spa, Beng Teng, have designed the perfect spring treatment to relax and adjust comfortably into the new season. The Beng Teng Spring Body & Facial Treatment (90 minutes/17,930 yen) is a limited offer that is available starting March 1 until May 31.

Each month two essential oils are selected to best suit the season and address the concerns that may arise in the face, body and mind. For the spring season, lavender and neroli have been selected as the most effective essential oils for the body and facial treatment.  When used for massage, Lavender Essential Oil effectively soothes many types of pain, both mental and physical and removes anxiety and stress. It also helps to boost circulation and lowers blood pressure for a deeper level of relaxation.

Neroli essential oil has been selected for the the facial treatment, as it is known to reduce inflammation, alleviate stress, stimulate circulation, and enhances your mood. The neroli infused treatment moisturises and preserves elasticity of dry and sensitive skin, helping to restore tired and dull skin, smoothing wrinkles and soothing the skin.

The hour and a half long treatment cares for the entire body, starting with foot care tending to the feet first with a soothing foot bath using a mineral-rich bath salt combined with eucalyptus to stimulate circulation and slough off dead-skin cells for softer smoother feet. 

 Next, it is time for a tension relieving body massage treatment focusing on the back and the muscles on the back of the legs. Using lavender oils and gently massage the body to relieve tension that builds up is there large muscle areas. 

Now it is time for my favourite part of the treatment- the facial. The Beng Teng spring facial is the perfect treatment for anyone wishing to rebalance the vital functions of their skin and correct the visible signs of ageing. Instantly smoothing and plumping fine lines and re-hydrating thirsty skin after the dry winter months. The luxurious Kerstin Florian milk cleansing contains Neroli oil, aloe and green tea extracts from which helps to regulate the natural pH balance of skin.

The final step, is the exhilarating scalp massage which also addresses the neck and shoulder area that is so prone to holding tension and stiffness.
After this treatment your mind and body will feel refreshed and renewed, and your skin will glow after being detoxified and replenished. 

If you teeth and nails need some extra care, Beng Teng are now offering two add-on treatments to the Spring Body and Facial Treatment- a teeth whitening course and basic nail care. 

Teeth Whitening Course [45 minutes/+9,350 yen] 

Return your teeth close to their natural color by utilising the power of blue LED light and oxidized titanium gel.

This is an easy self-service teeth whitening treatment. Simply apply a whitening gel, mouthpiece and apply the  LED light on your teeth. (Please note- this treatment varies from Dental professional whitening).The price of this treatment is discounted when added to the Spring Body & Facial Treatment (Regular  price is 13,200 yen). 

Basic Nail Care [30 minutes/+2,640 yen]

Keep your nails beautiful by carefully shaping the nails and giving a cuticle expert care. 

Celebrate the spring season and treat yourself with a visit to EnoSpa’s Beng Teng Spa for a high-quality spa treatment 

You can call directly to 0466-29-0690 or email from here to make a reservation at BengTeng Spa.
This post is sponsored by Enoshima Island Spa.

*The Beng Teng Spa membership fee (¥1,100) will be charged for registration at the time of first visit.

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