Experience the perfect winter spa day at EnoSpa

As the coldest month of the year approaches, the staff at EnoSpa’s exclusive Beng Teng Spa have created the perfect “Winter Campaign- Body and Facial Treatment” to help warm your body to the core and treat your skin to some much needed pampering.

Until the end of February, Enospa have  a “Winter Campaign- Body and Facial Treatment” (each treatment is 110 minutes and ¥21,450) the treatment is designed to focus mostly on the body, firstly with a hot stone massage and body wrap using seasonal essential oils, carefully selected by the experienced Beng Teng Spa staff, befitting the coldest months of the year.  

In January and February, Yomogi (Japanese Mugwort) is the carefully selected seasonal essential oil for the body treatment.  Also known as “Queen of Herbs”, one of the key benefits of the Yomogi is that it contains, cineol, known to induce high-quality deep sleep. The organic body oil blend deeply penetrates to relax aching muscles and joints while helping to warm and stimulate the body. By combining this carefully blended oils with our original hot stone massage, is highly recommended during the winter months (each treatment is 110 minutes and ¥21,450). In fact, during winter the hot stone massage is one of the most popular treatments at Beng Teng, and is guaranteed to make light work of tense, sore muscles and warm the body to the core. 

The excellent thermal quality of the stones ensures that they retain heat for up to 45 minutes, making it perfect for easing out deep muscle aches and pains with the combination of heat, high quality aromatic oil and skilled massage techniques. The hot stones used at Beng Teng Spa for this massage are fuku-ishi (purified) stones that have been blessed at the local, picturesque Enoshima shrine bestow the  Shinto charms of good luck, health, long life and beauty.  

So after the body is completely relaxed from the hot stone massage, your are cocooned in a body wrap. The body wrap treatment is designed to enhance the health and appearance of your ski. The deeply nourishing and relaxing Yomogi oil is applied to the limbs and torso before you are gently wrapped, making the body warm and ultra-moisturised. 

If there is ever time that your facial skin needs some extra care, it is the end of the dry winter months, when the skin barrier can be compromised leading to dry, sensitised and even cracked skin. This facial treatment is perfect for anyone wishing to rebalance the vital functions of their skin and correct the visible signs of ageing. , you can be put at ease with the relaxing atmosphere provided by our relaxing spa atmosphere. The soft lighting, quietly playing music and the aromatic oils all help to relax your mood, while your body benefits from the extra pampering and relaxation.

Sounds like the perfect way to send a cold and gloomy February day.

Take advantage of Enospa’s Winter Campaign- Body & Face Treatment ~

Visit the Enospa website (here) for more details.

Available for a limited time offer:  until February 29th 2020.

To make a reservation call Beng Teng on 0466-29-0690 or make a reservation online.

This post is sponsored by Enoshima Island Spa.

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