NEW @cosme TOKYO Flagship Store Opens in Harajuku

In Tokyo last week, the popular @cosme famous for their beauty ranking website and awards, opened an impressive Flagship store directly opposite JR Harajuku Station (in the old GAP Building).

Known as, @Cosme TOKYO, the new store is already the talk of the Japanese beauty industry and beauty enthusiasts alike. Comprising of 3 floors, @Cosme TOKYO offers beauty customers a shopping experience that is engaging, informative, interactive and comfortable.

As you enter the store (ground floor) you are met with an impressive display of the products in the annual @cosme “The best cosmetics awards”. This area is designed to make the 2019 award wining “best products” easy for customers to identify and try.

Of course throughout the year the @cosme product ranking changes, as new products are released and seasonal changes alter customer preferences. You can keep up to date with the latest weekly rankings by visiting the @cosme Weekly Sales Ranking display.

On the ground floor there is also a private area for individual Skincare advice, cosmetic application and classes (starting in March 2020).

On the 2nd Floor, there is a @Tokyo Sales Ranking display, that shows the ranking of beauty products and cosmetic shades purchased by Tokyo-based shoppers (the overall @cosme rankings on the 1st floor are for Japan as a whole).

There is also a large and spacious shopping space on the 2nd floor. You can count on @Cosme Tokyo to have all of the latest products, and seasonal from a huge variety of Japanese skincare and beauty brands.

Part of the concept for the @Cosme Tokyo store is to create spaces for customers to test the products for themselves- the beautifully designed tester bars. Make the most of in-store shopping and test and feel the products before you buy.

There are interactive displays from many International brands as well, such as Dyson (shown above).

By Tokyo standards the @Cosme TOKYO store is incredibly spacious, with large aisles (perfect if you have a stroller), lounge areas with Free Wi-Fi (3rd Floor), elevators and restrooms and a spacious Powder Room for you to freshen up and apply your make-up.

For parents with small children, @Cosme TOKYO also has a play area for small children (pictured above), a feeding room and baby-change facilities (all on 2nd Floor).

The new @Cosme Tokyo Flagship in Harajuku has definitely changed the landscape (and set the bar high) for customer-friendly beauty shopping in Tokyo.

@cosme TOKYO

Location: 1-14-27 Jingumae, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo

Closest Station: In front of JR Harajuku Station

Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00


Instagram: @cosme_tokyo

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