The Japanese secret to glowing skin

Glowing- would have to be the most frequently used word to describing the skin goal that we are all coveting. Recently, I was lucky enough to speak with Chico Shigeta, Skincare Expert and Founder of Japanese/ French skincare brand- Shigeta. So I took the opportunity to ask Shigeta, her top tips for achieving beautiful, glowing skin.

Here is what I learnt:

Using a Japanese lotion is key

Japanese “lotion” is something quite unique, and is a product that can be quite confusing for non-Japanese to understand, as an equivalent product does not exist in Western skincare routines. Quite often “lotion” is dismissed as just another name for toner, however it is quite different in both formula and purpose.

Shigeta believes that using a “lotion is an essential part of the formula” for creating a glowing complexion. Lotion works to unify/ balance the skin after cleansing, adding moisture and conditioning the skin.

So when choosing a lotion to use as part of your glowing skin routine, Shigeta recommends a formula that “unifies the skin” , gently reducing any surface redness and imbalance, to create a even canvas for application of serums, oils and/or creams. Shigeta Awakening Moisture Lotion (pictured) perfectly harmonises the complexion with rose water, anti-oxidant rich white rose stem cells, hydrating hyaluronic acid and Shigeta’s patented A.G.E Detox patent with kolaflavone. This organic formula combines the world of both natural and scientific beauty to achieve amazing results.

With a water-like texture “lotion” is traditionally applied either directly with the palms of the hands (think of the technique that is used for SKII’s Facial Treatment Essence) or with a soaked cotton square. Interestingly Shigeta believes that “patting technique is best method” for achieving a glow to the skin as the gentle patting with the cotton improves micro-circulation of the skin. By stimulating and maintaining micro-circulation in the skin, improves the appearance and impart a healthy glow.

Nourish with Anti-oxidant rich oils

After balancing and preparing the skin with lotion, Shigeta recommends massaging a few drops of an anti-oxidant rich face oil like Shigeta Elixir Oil Serum. A super complex of natural plant based oils that each work in different ways to improve the condition of the skin, by strengthening, increasing circulation (hello glow), elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. While the anti-oxidants get to work deep in the skin layers, the natural oil serum immediately leaves a beautiful glow to the skin surface.

So in just two skincare steps,, your skin will be looking a whole lot glow-ier than before, and will only continue to improve as the pant-based active ingredients do their thing.

Intestinal care is essential

As we often hear the skin is the bodies largest organ, so it makes sense that the health of your gut is fundamental for healthy, glowing skin. A healthy gut mans that nutrients from the healthy foods we eat are absorbed effectively into our bodies for growth, repair and natural function. To ensure the gut environment is in good condition there needs to be a balance of both good and bad bacteria. “Taking prebiotic/ probiotic supplement to ensure the optimum balance of bacteria in the gut” . When the microbiota is in balance your skin will glow and anti-oxidants from food can help fight natural oxidisation.

Eat a balanced, healthy diet

“Supplements can only do so much, they should be used as the name suggests, only to supplement any gaps in the diet” warns Shigeta. Ensure you are eating a variety of nutritious nuts and grains such as hemp seeds, that contain a high-level of essential fatty acids which help improve skin dryness and associated itchiness.

Achieving glowing skin or tsuya (as is it known in Japan) can be definitely be achieved with these useful recommendations from Chico Shigeta: the right combination of natural plant-based skincare products, a healthy diet and probiotic supplements to ensure optimum gut health. No time like the present to make these small changes and be rewarded with that lit from within glow.

Shigeta’s Founder and holistic skincare expert- Chico Shigeta

Chico Shigeta is the Founder of Shigeta and a holistic beauty coach.
She believes that balance of mind and body is indispensable for nurturing beautiful skin and body, and has many years experience exploring beauty methods in France and Japan for many years. Chico Shigeta continues to works as a personal coach for celebrities and artists in Paris, as well as consulting and brand spokesman for major cosmetics and beauty equipment companies.

Where can you buy Shigeta products?

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