Review: UZU 38°C / 99°F Lip Treatment and how it transformed my lips

UZU 38°C / 99°F LIP TREATMENT by Flow Fushi

Lip balm is one of those products that is a skincare essential for everyone. No matter how low maintenance your skincare routine, and even if you rarely wear make-up, chances are you use lip balm. So why is it, that so many of them don’t actually do anything for your lips? And an alarming number lip balms actually make your lips look and feel worse?

In my early twenties, I visited a Dermatologist to treat a skin flare-up, and his first comment to me was not regarding the breakout on my cheek, it was “Wow, you have REALLY dry lips…”. Needless to say, I was mortified and have been searching for lip products every since that ACTUALLY work. Over the years I have tried almost everything. After a quick scan of the ingredient list I dismiss most lip balms before I even try them, as I know from experience most of them will not do anything except give my lips a temporary slick of gloss and very soon leave them dry as the sahara. 

In recent years I have discovered LanoLips an Australian multi-purpose balm, which has lanolin as its key ingredient, which is great at protecting the skin barrier and locking in moisture. Another favourite is La Roche Posay Cicaplast Lip, which works really well at hydrating and creating a fine-film barrier on the lips (perfect if you don’t want gooey lips). To these two products I have been loyal over the past few years. However even with these products, I do have to remember to diligently reapply throughout the day. 

UZU 38°C / 99°F LIP TREATMENT by Flow Fushi

When a parcel arrived recently from Flow Fushi with their newly released MOTE Mascara [More coming on these soon!] I was also generously given their UZU Lip Treatment and Lipstick [ Relaunched in November 2019]. I had seen the gorgeous images online for the release and really loved the clear packaging design. Of course I was interested and wanted to try it, but I am embaressed to admit that I unconsciously dismissed UZU Lip Treatment on first glance, as I thought such a pretty lip gloss wouldn’t actually treat my lips….I am the first one now to admit that I was completely wrong. In fact, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Don’t judge a book by its cover!

UZU Lip Treatment is now my absolute favourite lip treatment- don’t be fooled (like I was) into thinking that this is just another pretty lip gloss. This is the best lip treatment I have EVER tried. One of my constant beauty battles is with my perpetually dry, rough, lined lips. They are fussy, hard to please and definitely not my best feature. That is until now… I feel so much more confident and happy about the condition on my lips after using the UZU Lip Treatment. They look so much better, just naturally now and it makes wearing statement lipsticks so much easier, as I know my lips skin condition has improved.

UZU 38°C / 99°F LIP TREATMENT by Flow Fushi

When unpacking my Flow Fushi delivery, I immediately started photographing the products as the packaging design is SO beautiful, that I wanted to capture it before I opened all the products to try (Yes, I do personally try all of the products I am sent!). The late afternoon light was beautiful and by the time I reached the UZU Lip Treatment I was really needing to put something on my dry lips.Grabbing the product in front of me, I immediately opened the Lip Treatment in Pale Pink and applied. It was very soothing on the lips, thick in texture but the ergonomic lip wand helps to apply the product easily and without any mess. To be honest I then didn’t think much about my lips, and for the next two days I just kept reapplying the UZU Lip Treatment as needed.

Then after a weekend of continual use, I woke up and noticed that the condition of my lips was really good. Great in fact. Even upon waking, when my lips are usually at their worst (7-8 hours without lip product and dehydrated) instead they looked smooth, plump and felt soft. I was seriously amazed- this never happens to me. No other lip product has worked this way on my lips before. I had high hopes for Laneige Lip Mask, which for me it definitely didn’t live up to the huge hype, it is a nicely packaged thick lip balm but definitely not a treatment. There is nothing radical about the formula. That is where the UZU Lip Treatment is a stand out. It is all about the scientifically tested and revolutionary formula. 

The UZU press release says: “The formula is so radical that lips self-moisturise, soften and enhance themselves” 

I know this does seem like a bold claim, but in my experience it is absolutely true. After using the UZU Lip Treatment the condition of my lips has transformed. They are soft, plump and hydrated- even after the product has gone from my lips and this is what I LOVE about this product. It really does help IMPROVE the condition of your lips. 

But how? What is so radical about this lip treatment formula? 

The answer lies in your skin’s micro-biota. UZU Lip Treatment is the first lip product in the world to use the patented ingredient – Multi FloraTM

Multi FloraTM is a powerful prebiotic and form of lactic acid bacteria that bonds with the microbes already present in skin. By connecting with the good bacteria that already lies on the skin, It amplifies their power to generate glycerin and fatty acids, keeping skin hydrated and clean.

Uzu Lip Treatment Press Release- November 2019

We are all more aware than ever that having the right balance of good bacteria in the gut is essential for our health and well-being. The same is true for the skin. The skin contains its own balance of good bacteria on the skin which results in healthy, beautiful skin. The Multi FloraTM helps promote the health of skin’s micro-biota to create that balance, targeting the skin issue at the root cause, rather than just temporarily masking it. This high- tech lip treatment formula helps the skin on the lips to self-moisturise, negating the need to continually re-applying product. After you use UZU 38°C / 99°F LIP TREATMENT your lips will look fuller and feel continuously soft, supple and hydrated.

I use the Lip Treatment overnight, and during the day. The texture is thickish and quite glossy to start with, but I usually work in my finger tips to soften the gloss-effect if it feels too much. I have also added over a dark berry lipstick to adda nice sheen and dilute the pigment to more of stain- which I loved. These gloss shades are made to played with- layer them over or under you favourite lipstick to add dimension and shine. The green and black shades are perfect for this! The green shade works as a lip colour corrector, perfect if you have very rosy lips and want to wear a nude lip. The green pigments neutralise the natural redness and allows the true lipstick shade to shine through. The black shades of course add depth to lipstick shades, but it also contains really gorgeous copper pigment for a subtle metallic shine.

UZU 38°C / 99°F LIP TREATMENT by Flow Fushi

UZU 38°C / 99°F LIP TREATMENT by Flow Fushi is the perfect example of what makes Japanese beauty so amazing. Japanese beauty brands and products, like this one, set the beauty trends and improve technology globally.

 Not only is UZU 38°C / 99°F LIP TREATMENT beautifully, designed making it perfectly Instagram-able (which is oh so important these days), but the beauty technology incorporated into this formula is revolutionary.  Best of all, the affordable price point [JPY2,420/ US$20] makes it easy to justify- to be honest, with these results I would pay more. Give it a try for yourself. 

UZU 38°C / 99°F LIP TREATMENT by Flow Fushi



A fiery orange that counteracts sallow tones and illuminates lips. 

+3 PINK 

A blue-based pink laced with gold shimmer that brightens lips and leaves them with a high-shine finish. 


A pale pink infused with ultra-fine pearls that lends lips a sheer and lustrous rosy hue. 


A colorless gloss that optimizes the wearer’s natural lip tone. 


An icy mint infused with multidimensional pearls that minimize warmth and add subtle radiance. 


A transparent charcoal spiked with rust-colored sparkle that deepens any lip color. 


JAPAN – available at Uzu Online Store, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Beauty Variety Stores (like Ainz & Tulpe, Plaza, Loft etc) & Isetan Shinjuku [RRP -JPY 2,420]


U.S.A –  available at UZ.Team and UZ 19 HOWARD in NYC [RRP- US $20 each]

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