Review: Edobio Moisturising Souffle Soap

Edobio soap- clean minimalist packaging

What is Edobio Moisturising Souffle Soap?

The Edobio moisturizing soufflé soap has been created using simple and natural ingredients, derived through ancient Japanese methods. For centuries the Japanese have relied upon the power of naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria to create flawless skin, that glows from the inside out. Since it is formulated with primarily plant-based ingredients, this gentle cleanser can be used on the face as well as the body.

There are absolutely no artificial fragrances or colors added to the Edobio soap , thus allowing customers to enjoy natural hydration everywhere it is used. The thick, concentrated, “souffle-like” foam is much loved by the Japanese, as it provides a rigorous, yet delicate, clean to any area of skin.

About the brand

EDOBIO is a Japanese plant-based skincare brand. All of the Edobio products are formulated using simple, yet classical Japanese beauty processes. Fortified with modern-day biotechnology, the EDOBIO name is a combination of the words “Edo” and “Bio”, referring to the brand’s ancient Japanese roots.

EDOBIO has successfully combined current skincare trends with longstanding Japanese beauty rituals, tracing back to the Edo Period.
It is the simplicity of EDOBIO’s beauty methods that helps to remedy the
various skin problems that have become standard in modern times. Along
with just providing a cosmetic solution, these products help maximize the true functionality of the skin underneath the surface.

What does it do?

Containing ancient Japanese plant extracts as the main ingredient, this formula targets dirt and sebum that build up under the surface of the skin. After softly swiping these impurities away while contributing to a deeper clean, the skin is left feeling radiant.

This alkaline soap for the face and body consists of a specially sourced ingredient, BiProGE® Lactic Acid Bacteria. Derived from lactic acid bacteria and cultured yeast following extensive research, this active component allows the skin to retain moisture and elasticity. For the most vibrant results, this product should be incorporated into daily skincare routines.

This alkaline soap for the face and body consists of a specially sourced ingredient, BiProGE® Lactic Acid Bacteria. Derived from lactic acid bacteria and cultured yeast following extensive research, this active component allows the skin to retain moisture and elasticity.

The beautiful hinoki masu sake cup holds the natural Edobio soap

Key ingredients

BiProGE® Lactic Acid Bacteria

BiProGE® Lactic Acid Bacteria is a proprietary ingredient that helps regulate the condition of the skin, through the calculated utilization of select microorganisms. As a naturally derived component within our skincare products, it can be directly compared to the soil of the earth.
Full of natural resources, the soil contains microorganisms that are full of various elements, including valuable minerals. In the same way that these substances promote life and growth around them, the inherent power of certain considerably selected microorganisms are brought forward in our exclusive formula.

Somei Yoshino

Sakura (cherry blossom)

The Sakura flower, also known as the cherry blossom, is an integral characteristic of Japanese culture. It is directly from this source of beauty that we have extracted one of the most esteemed ingredients present in our skincare line. Somei Yoshino extract is known, not only for its pleasant aroma but also for the moisturising properties that are concentrated
within the substance.

Green Tea Seed

Green tea seeds

Green Tea seed is a natural substance, grown from the Camellia Oleifera plant, that is masterfully pressed to produce an edible oil. The Camellia is an exquisite species, carefully grown in very specific environments throughout the world. The benefits of Green tea seed extract include the conditioning and toning of the skin, which is made possible through its
concentrated Vitamin E and amino acid content.

Green Tea Leaf

Japanese Green tea leaves, also called Ryokucha, are attentively harvested from the soil after an entire season of direct sunlight. Although the finished product is often enjoyed as a hot beverage, renowned for its dark color and potency, it comes with its own set of benefits for skincare. Green tea leaf extract contains catechins that assist with conditioning and toning the skin after direct application. As one of the active ingredients within many of our skincare products, tea leaf extract is monumental in producing healthy
results that go beyond the surface.

How to use Edobio Moisturising Soap

  1. Hold the soap in the palm of one hand and wet with water.
  2. With a the opposite hand gently rub the soap in a circular motion to create suds.
  3. Put the soap aside and continue to rub hands together to build up to a thick mousse-like foam. If you have a foaming net, use this to build up a lather of foam.
  4. Place foam all over the face and gently massage.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and gently pat dry with a towel.
  6. Follow immediately with lotion.

The Masu Edobio set comes complete with a foaming net

What do I think?

I was really interested to see how my skin would respond to the Edobio soap, as I don’t usually use foaming cleansers, as many Japanese drugstore brands (that are very popular) are very drying and strip my skin of all moisture, so I have avoided them. However, I quickly learnt the Edobio soap is nothing like anything you find at the drugstore.

Firstly, I have to say that the packaging is exquisite. I received the limited edition Masu (sake square cup ) packaging, each masu is handmade using beautiful Japanese hinoki (cypress) wood, complete with it’s own naturally unique wood grain design. The Masu set also comes with a foaming net. Secondly, I think the return to more traditional, gentle and natural skincare has never been more important. The timeless natural ingredients in the Edobio soap harness the power of Japanese skincare traditions that yield impressive results. Also, I love that the use of soap mean that there is minimal packaging that needs to be recycled- something that the beauty industry needs to take more responsibility for. So I think it is time for all of us to revisit the idea of natural facial soap, like those used traditionally in Japan. So keep reading for my experience trying Edobio natural moisturising soap.

I used the Edobio soap of the first time, I found the foaming net very easily helped me build the lather to a thick mousse in my hands. The foam is indeed quite dense and perfectly white, beautifully cloud-like and felt light as as I gently placed the foam on my face to cleanse. After placing the foam on my face I gently massaged the oilier areas of my face (nose, chin and forehead) where I wanted a deeper cleanse. After I rinsed off the foam, I carefully inspected my skin in the mirror, looking and feeling for areas of dryness. When I saw myself in the mirror I could immediately see that my complexion appeared brighter and had a definite glow that was not there before using the Edobio soap. My skin did not feel tight at all, with no signs of dryness. To touch my skin felt noticeably softer. I used some leftover foam on my hands and forearms to see if it has the same effect on the body. It did. The skin on my forearms was much softer, after using the soap. I would definitely recommend using the Edobio soap for use on both the face and body. Your skin will feel amazing!

I really loved using Edobio’s moisturising soap. I will continue to use it to provide a gentle but deep cleanse to the skin, including a gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells with lactic acid. My combination skin did feel cleansed and comfortable after washing, not at all tight. The brightness and softness of my skin is what I loved the most- the results are impressive and I love that the ingredients are plant based and natural.

Maybe the future of skincare is to return to and improve on the traditional plant-based skincare just like Edobio has….a truly effective and gentle Japanese beauty product.

Where can you buy Edobio?

Australia– coming soon to Tokyo Beauty Book online store

Japan – Tokyu Hands (Shinjuku, Tokyo) & Ritz- Carlton Osaka

Malaysia– Isetan Klcc Kuala Lumpur & Isetan Japan Store (Kuala Lumpur)

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