NOW LIVE – Tokyo Beauty Book Online Store & What can you expect?

The Tokyo Beauty Book online store is now live (click here to visit).

Offering a carefully curated range of authentic Japanese beauty products, the Tokyo Beauty Book online store will contain products that I personally have discovered whilst living in Japan. Where my love of Japanese beauty brands, products, rituals and aesthetic began- way back in 2013!

My aim is to share with you the world of authentic Japanese skincare and beauty, and make it more accessible for everyone outside of Japan.

As the world of Japanese skincare is too good not to share.

So what can you expect from Tokyo Beauty Book online store?

Japanese Beauty Products

There will only be Japanese beauty products sold in the Tokyo Beauty Book online store. Not Korean or Taiwanese. Just Japanese products. That is just what Tokyo Beauty Book is about- Japanese beauty.

Products that are for sale in Japan

All of the products for sale on Tokyo Beauty Book are for sale in Japan.

I know this sounds obvious, but there are many brands that are marketed as “Japanese skincare” brands, however they are actually not Japanese nor are they for sale in Japan (I am thinking of one hugely successful one that I always get asked about!). These brands are not really what Tokyo Beauty Book is about. I want to share with you brands that are used and loved by Japanese women (& men).

All products are purchased directly from the Japanese beauty company

One thing I knew for sure when I started working on this online store was – that I would only buy directly from the official beauty company or their appointed official distributor.

This is not a personal shopping website or marketplace- this is an official online store. This is the only way that I can guarantee you, as my customer that the product is not counterfeit, out of date or grey market stock. Safety of your skincare is really important, and something I will not compromise on.

Products that are tried and recommended by me

All of the products that are sold in Tokyo Beauty Book’s online store have been tried and tested by me. Over the past 6 years I have tried hundreds of Japanese beauty products – and if you have been following me on the blog and Instagram for a while now, you will know I have really loved the fun Japanese drugstore products just as much as the more expensive brands.

There is just so much variety and choice. It can be overwhelming. So think of Tokyo Beauty Book as your guide to Japanese beauty.

Discover the world of Japanese Beauty

Before I moved to Japan all I knew about Japanese Beauty was the iconic global brands- Shiseido, Shu Uemura and SKII. But when I arrived in Tokyo, I discovered that there is so much more to Japanese beauty.

The Japanese beauty market is HUGE- with so many brands that I had never heard of. Over the past few years the world of Japanese beauty is has slowly been opening up to the rest of the world, and many drugstore brands are now popular in the USA, Singapore and more recently the UK. This is really exciting.

What I think is really exciting is the world between the two. That space between the Shiseido and the drugstore brands….boutique brands, clean beauty brands and niche beauty brands.

So this is what you will find on Tokyo Beauty Book online store.

So what is happening with the Tokyo Beauty Book Blog?

I will continue to try and blog about Japanese beauty products even if I am not selling them. I will of course, try and add as many of these great products to the store so you can easily buy them too!

I am also going to add more general information about Japanese beauty products- especially how you use them, as I know at first some of the techniques are a little different.

Thank you so much and I can’t wait to share more with you soon.

Alisa xx

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