My Hot Stone Beng Teng Treatment Experience

If you have been following me on Instagram (@tokyobeautybook) you will know that I returned to Tokyo earlier this month, for a very busy and exciting week of work meetings. I was so happy to be back in my second home. Tokyo is absolutely the place where I feel most inspired, motivated and energised, and I am really happy to say that I have a big announcement to share with you on Friday. So stay tuned!

At the tail-end of my busy week in Tokyo, I was really starting to feel in need of some relaxation and pampering. My tight shoulders and neck were starting to merge, and the mix of excitement and my mind working in overdrive from my meetings, meant I was seriously in need of a change of pace for a few hours to refocus and take stock before I flew back to Australia.  So, when I was invited to visit my friends at EnoSpa for a treatment at the exclusive Beng Teng Spa- it was an offer too good to refuse. As many of you will remember, I have visited Enoshima Island Spa before (read my previous article here), however I hadn’t yet experienced the signature Hot Stone Beng Teng (their most popular treatment) for myself, so I definitely wanted to give it a try. So  I packed my tote bag and caught the local train (Odakyu Line) from Shinjuku Station for a day at Enoshima. 

The relaxing Beng Teng Members Lounge

I am warmly welcomed to the Beng Teng, by their delightful and attentive staff and invited to wait in the spacious, light-filled members lounge area. Relaxing homely environment with lounge chairs and reclining daybeds, you can’t help but immediately feel relaxed and at home. Soon I am sipping on a delicious iced rooibos tea and taking in the ocean views. I hope to catch a glimpse of majestic Mt.Fuji,  who stands right across the bay from EnoSpa, but unfortunately the rainy day meant that Fuji-san didn’t feel like making an appearance. But never mind. I am soon greeted by my lovely massage and beauty therapist, Kaoru, and I am ready for my Beng Teng Body and Face Treatment to get underway. 

Opulent and spacious treatment rooms

Kaoru shows me to the luxurious and opulently decorated private treatment room. The room is decorated in a beautiful oriental floral print theme, and the dimmed lights and relaxing music complete my transition to zen mode. I am left by Kaoru to change and slip under the cosy and comfortable (heated!) treatment bed. After a few moments Kaoru returns and the indulgent 100min Body and Face Treatment begins.

My treatment begins with a full body massage (I opt for a strong massage) followed by the signature Beng Teng hot stone treatment, a facial treatment and a scalp/head massage to finish. 

The treatment bed is heated, and although it is Summer it is the perfect temperature to soothe the muscles and keep whole body comfortable during the treatment. As Kaoru begins the full body massage, I immediately feel  my stiff and tired muscles to start relaxing. The massage treatment uses an exclusive blend of Beng Teng Signature essential oils, a heavenly blend of coconut and tiare oil. Although I have opted for the strong massage, it is still amazingly relaxing. My tight and sore muscles after a busy week of travel and meetings are rhythmically massaged out of all tension and returned to a much more relaxed state.  

Now it is time to work deeper on key problem areas with the hot stone massage. I am also told that the heat from the hot stones will help adjust my body to the humid Summer weather in Japan, which has been quite an adjustment coming from the cool Melbourne Winter weather.

Expert massage treatments at Beng Teng Spa

The hot stones used at Beng Teng Spa are fuku-ishi  or purified stones that have been blessed at the local, picturesque Enoshima shrine and are believed to give good luck, health, long life and beauty.  Made of the highest quality basalt sourced from Mt. Fuji , the stones have been meticulously cured and hand-polished for use in the hot stone massage treatment. The excellent thermal quality of the stones ensures that they retain heat for up to 45 minutes, making it perfect for easing out deep muscle aches and pains with the combination of heat, high quality aromatic oil and skilled massage techniques. Hot stones are carefully eased across my upper back, neck and shoulders and arms working deep into the large muscle groups.

With that expert massage, it would be impossible for me to relax any further. In fact, l briefly asleep. But not for long, next up is the facial treatment which includes a double cleanse, steam, oxygen treatment and mask. All using the luxurious Kerstin Florian skincare range which is only available to two spa’s Japan wide. My dehydrated skin is gently revived with the Kerstin Florian- Rehydration range which includes neroli oils, vitamins and antioxidants to moisturise the skin and help improve the appearance of fine lines. The Kerstin Florian skincare products are available to purchase from Beng Teng Spa so make sure you stock up on any products that your facialist uses during your treatment. 

I fall asleep again at the beginning of the head and scalp massage. I hold so much tension in neck head and scalp so for me this is the absolutely perfect way to end my treatment. 

I wake gently to the soft ringing of a small chime bells and I am amazed by how relaxed and rejuvenated I am feeling and my skin is glowing. I have to say the massage treatment was absolutely incredible- I can see why the hot stone massage is their most popular treatment. 

Watching the sunset poolside at EnoSpa

I finish the day with a relaxing soak in the onsen and a delicious, healthy seafood meal at the Island Grill (which I will write about in another post) before heading on the train back to Tokyo.  Another perfect day trip to Enoshima Island Spa. 

For more information or to book click here

Enoshima Island Spa

Enoshima 2-1-6
Fujisawa City, Kanagawa, Japan


Phone: +81 (0)466 290 688


Operating Hours

Summer season. July- August: 10:00-22:00 (Last entry 21:00).

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