New Japanese Beauty Products- What To Try This Month

There is always something new in the world of J-beauty! Here are some exciting new launches that arrived at the beauty counter and aisle this month.


Uka Red Study One ¥2,200 (each, 10ml)

The power of a red manicure is undeniable, and looking towards the cooler months ahead, this timeless, iconic beauty look is making a comeback (although some may argue it never really went away). Leading the charge for the modern take on the power mani is uka’s Red Study One. A series of six beautiful red nail polish shades, that are coded according to skin tone (blue or yellow undertone) so that it takes the guess work out of choosing the perfect shade for you.

Where to buy: uka salons in Japan, uka offical online store, and check here for overseas stockists


Flower by Kenzo  Le Cushion ¥5,500

Much loved all over the world, Flower by Kenzo, the iconic powdery floral fragrance is available in a limited edition cushion compact. The cushion packaging has been cleverly used for a fragrance, and you will love this creative and practical way to enjoy applying this refreshing and reviving perfume. The light gel texture feels light as air and cool on the skin. Simply pat the  puff over the nape of the neck, decolletage, elbow and wrist to apply and enjoy the comfortable, cool gel texture and radiant fragrance. Makes perfect sense for the last few weeks of summer.

Where to buy: Japanese departments stores and Kenzo Perfume stockists around the world.


KATE The Lash Former Mascara ¥1,512

Did you know that 3 out of 4 Japanese women have eyelashes that grow downwards?

An innovative self eyelash curling formula delivers beautiful curved lashes every time you apply mascara- straight eyelashes be gone with KATE The Lash Former Mascara in both Long, Volume and Waterproof formulas.

For particularly stubborn straight lashes you can also apply the KATE Lash Former Long Mascara Base to prime and curl the lashes before mascara. If you can’t be bother with 2-step mascara, the new Lash Former Essence is designed to apply as part of your night time skincare routine, and the essence formula works to curl lashes from the inside out.  

Where to buy: Japanese drugstores (like Matsumoto Kiyoshi), Ainz & Tulpe and

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Momo Puri Peach Lotion (200ml ¥900) Gel Cream (80g ¥1,200)

Mono Puri adds a new idea to skincare with the combination of lactic acid (lactobacillius) and peach ceramides. Lactic acid helps to reduce acne breakouts, minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by gently exfoliating the skin. While the Japanese peach ceramides add moisture to the skin to plump and smooth. The refreshing slight peach fragrance and cooling gel texture of the cream will help make your skincare routine something to look forward to.

Where to buy: Japanese drugstores (like Matsumoto Kiyoshi), Ainz & Tulpe and

Have you tried any of these gorgeous new products yet? If you have , I would love to know what you think! Leave me a comment or send me an email at I would love to hear from you. Alisa xx

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