5 Of The Best Luxury Japanese Eye Treatment Masks

Switching it up a little in this post, with my edit of the 5 best luxury Japanese eye masks.

As you know, I usually reserve these posts for my favourite Japanese drugstore products (like I did here)  but sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself with some with some of the  incredible Japanese luxury brand’s products. I find that eye masks are a great way to try some of the more expensive brands, many of the eye masks like SKII come in individual use sachets, which  give them a long shelf life, making them perfect for having on hand to use before a special occasions and give really great results.

Going forward, I am going to link each of the products featured in my posts to a store you can purchase, both in Japan and overseas (where I can) as I have had so many great messages and requests from you all for this information. I am trying to make it as easy as possible for you to find and try these amazing products firsthand!


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SKII Signs Eye Mask ¥7,560 (14 pairs)

The iconic Japanese eye mask.

The SKII Signs eye mask was the very first eye mask that I first discovered, and would have to be one of the first on the market. The radiance and brightness delivered by the SKII is almost impossible to beat and these targeted eye masks make sure your eyes look bright and well rested even if you feel like you haven’t had a good nights sleep in months. SKII products are pricey, but the masks are definitely worth the money for occasional use.



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Cle de Peau Synactif Eye Mask ¥6,000 (6 sets)

The ultimate luxe eye treatment.

In my opinion, Cle De Peau is so luxurious and decadent. Definitely a splurge for any of their glamorous skincare products, but if you are looking for the ultimate eye mask (and some serious at-home pampering) look no further than the Synactif Eye Mask. Designed to be used one a week, after eye cream, for the ultimate intensive eye treatment.



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Est Deep Activate Eye Mask ¥4104 (4 pairs)

Gel eye mask that delivers serious hydration.

If lack of hydration is causing pesky fine lines and creases to be more apparent around your eye area, then a hydro-gel eye mask like Est Activate is a quick and easy at home remedy. Perfect for after long-haul flights, they gel mask ensures the skin drinks up all of the hydrating ingredients in record time.



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Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 Pure Retinol Eye Mask

Anti-aging retinol formula targets pesky wrinkles and crows feet.

Another long-time favourite eye mask is from Shiseido’s Benefiance range, which targets wrinkles and lines around the eyes with a retinol infused eye mask. Retinol has been proven to be one of most effective way to fight the signs of aging, and these eye masks helps intensively treat the delicate eye area with maximum results.



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THREE Balancing Outline Mask ¥6,000  (10 pairs)

Natural skincare that restores symmetry to the face contours.

For a more natural alternative, THREE Balancing Outline masks are designed to target the contour of the face to restore symmetry by tightening and de-puffing the area around the eyes, mouth and nose. Combining natural essential oils and fruit extracts these masks    also smell beautiful and contain no chemicals or synthetic ingredients.


Where can you buy these products in Japan and around the world?


Perhaps the easiest Japanese beauty brand to find all around the world! Generally available through department stores.

Japan- At all Japanese department stores like Mitsukoshi, Daimaru, Matsuya, Isetan and Seibu will all have a SKII counter in the beauty department. You can also find SKII at Ainz & Tulpe stores and of course duty-free counters and stores.

Globally- also you can find at department stores and beauty specialty stores like Sephora. Many websites also sell SKII like Adore Beauty in Australia (link below). Please make sure you buy products from reputable websites who sell genuine SKII products!

Cle de Peau Beaute

Available in Japan, Asia, USA and Canada (see a list of countries here).

Japan- Available through department stores and at the Cle de Peau store in Ginza 6


Available globally (check website here for store details) through department stores. Most countries will have a country specific Shiseido website.

Japan- Also available at some high end drugstores and beauty stores like Ainz & Tulpe.  Shiseido have an online store also, but it is only available in Japanese.


Available at Japanese department stores. Est not really available outside of Japan.


Available at Three Aoyama and their official online store, as well as Japanese department stores (full list of stores in English here).

Asia- list of stores here

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