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It has been a long time coming, but (finally) here is the latest 5 of the best Japanese drugstore posts. Thank you all for your patience over the past few months, and I’m excited to say Tokyo Beauty Book will now return to regular weekly posts about Japanese beauty products and beauty shopping in Tokyo!

An item that has been a favourite of my for a while now is the skincare treatment eye mask.

In Japan, these masks made specifically for the eye area, can be called a number of different things (eye packs, eye zone treatments etc) so it’s a little confusing, but basically these are cotton sheet or hydrogel patches designed to fit just around the eye area. These masks are so good to pop on when your eye area looks tired, dehydrated or puffy and you have to get out of the door pronto and you want to look your best or if you have a special occasion and you will be wearing more eye makeup than usual and you want to create the perfect, smooth canvas that will make the products sit smoothly on the skin without highlighting pesky fine lines that we are all prone to around the eye area.

So, in this post I am going to highlight 5 of the best eye treatment masks that you can find at the Japanese drug store, and next week I am going to follow up with a luxe version the incredible offering from higher end Japanese brands, because that’s definitely a whole other post. Enjoy! xx

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Manuka’s Cosmet Bee & Honey Rich Eye Mask ¥400

Best for brightening and hydrating the eye area. 

Infused with Manuka honey, collagen, hyaluronic acid, royal jelly and pomegranate extract, these hydrogel eye masks work wonders in brightening and hydrating the delicate eye area. These are my go-to eye mask when traveling as they make jet lagged eyes look like they have had a solid nights sleep. Manuka’s Cosmet eye masks are conveniently available in single use sachets from Natural Lawson convenience stores!



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Kracie Hadabisei Intensive Wrinkle Care Mask ¥980 (30 sets of 2)

Best for pumping up fine line and attacking wrinkles.

Eye masks are a fantastic way to target fine lines and wrinkles that appear around then eye area. Hadabisei Intensive Wrinkle Care Masks come in a convenient flip-top pack containing 30 pairs of 100% Japanese cotton eye masks infused with a potent, anti-aging serum containing retinol, hyaluronic acid and royal jelly to reduce the appearance of pesky fine lines and crows feet.

Outside of Japan you can buy here


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Quality 1st Deep Moist Eye Mask ¥1,900

Best everyday, hydrating eye mask. 

If you are looking for a simple, affordable hydrating eye mask then you can’t look past the Quality 1st Deep Moist Eye Mask. Perfect for applying in the morning before makeup, these simple cotton eye masks deliver a boost of moisture and firmness to the delicate eye area, that helps foundation and concealer to sit beautifully on the skin. The handy round, screw -top container contains an air-tight seal to keep the masks fresh and a handy set of tweezers to minimise contamination when taking masks out of the pack.



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DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack ¥1,360 (1 set)

Best for treating the entire eye area. 

The innovative shape of the DHC Rich Eye Zone Care mask ensure that the entire eye area, including eye lids, under eye and the all important crows feet side of the eye are covered. Packed with hyaluronic acid, anti-oxidant rich and hydrating olive oil and collagen supporting multi peptides this luxurious mask is the perfect preparation for a special occasion or DIY spa treatment.

Outside of Japan you can buy here


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Kose Clear Turn Q10 Eye Zone Mask  ¥810 (32 sets)

Best for de-puffing and firming the eye area.

Waking up with puffy, tired eyes is never a good start to the day, but these handy eye zone masks from Clear Turn definitely help to ease the puffiness away and return the eye area to a more appealing shape and add extra firmness to boot. These eye patches so have a more dry texture than the others listed above, so they are not the best for adding loads of moisture, but I definitely find they help de-puff the eye area, giving a bright and refreshed appearance (even if you are feeling anything but refreshed!).

Note: Be careful as you can see the packaging for the Kose Clear Turn and Kracie Hadabisei eye masks are really similar! This is part of what makes shopping at the Japanese drugstore a little confusing, as many different brands have very similar packaging! 

Outside of Japan you can buy here


Where can you buy these products in Tokyo?


Manuka’s Cosmet– Natural Lawson and Amazon Japan

Kracie Hadabisei– You can find this product easily at all Japanese drugstores, beauty stores like Ainz & Tulpe, Bic Camera and Don Quijote.

Quality 1st Deep Moist Eye Mask- Beauty stores like Ainz & Tulpe, Loft, Tokyo Hands , Plaza and @Cosme.

DHC- DHC stores around Tokyo.

Kose Clear Turn – You can find this product easily at all all Japanese drugstores, beauty stores like Ainz & Tulpe, Bic Camera and Don Quijote.


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