Japan Exclusive: Lancôme Hypnose Mini Maxi Mascara.



Ok. I know that Lancôme is French, not Japanese.

But did you know that the iconic French beauty brand (and bona fide mascara expert) has a special mascara that is only available to buy in Japan?

Well neither did I, until I watched a makeup tutorial from incredibly popular (and gorgeous) UK celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. Lisa Eldridge is my favourite makeup artist, and works with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Alexa Chung, Kate Winslet, Lily Collins and many, many more big name actresses and models.

During the video, Lisa uses the Lancôme Mini Maxi mascara in Black, to create gorgeous long lashes, and she mentions that she always stocks up on this particular mascara when she is visiting Japan! As the  Lancôme Mini Maxi mascara is only available in Japanese stores.

Yes! I just had to try it, and luckily on a recent trip to Ainz & Tulpe in Harajuku I found this product on sale for ¥2,462.




 Lancôme Hypnose Mini Maxi Mascara ¥4,000

So what it is Lancôme Mini Maxi Mascara?

A smudge-proof mascara that Lancôme has adapted for the Japanese beauty market with a ultra slim brush that gives maximum effect.

What does Lancôme Mini Mascara do?

This slim line mascara provides maximum coating and long wear, for even the smallest and finest lashes. Designed to target Asian lashes that are generally shorter and straighter, the mini brush and expert formula guarantees that even with minimum effort, you can achieve maximum volume, length, separation, and hold.

What did I think?

Even though I don’t have Asian lashes, this mascara creates perfectly defined, super long lashes. Of course I love the lash length that this mascara effortlessly delivers, but I am super impressed by the long wearing, non-flaking and smudging formula. the mini brush is easy to use and ensures that there are no unsightly clumps of excess product on your lashes. The lash definition is spot on.

I had forgotten how much I love Lancôme mascara, and the Mini Maxi has definitely been a great reminder for me and best of all it has a Japanese twist!

So  when you are in Japan don’t miss the opportunity to snap up this amazing Lancôme mascara!


So where can you buy Lancôme in Tokyo? 

Lancôme Japan online store

Japanese Department Stores.

Ainz & Tulpe in Harajuku had some stock of this product as well.

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  1. Hi, just found your blog and totally lovin it! It’s really hard to find a good blog about Japanese beauty as people are more into Korean beauty nowadays so I’m glad you exist. お疲れ様 ♪

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