What’s hot in Japanese beauty stores?Eyebrow Tint.


It seems that the defining your brows for a full, natural look is a must.

But don’t we all want to save a little time in the morning?

No problem. Just tint your brows at home with a eyebrow tinting gel! Results vary but they can last for up to 7 days. Genius.

The popularity of D.I.Y eyebrow tinting gel has really taken off over the past few months, with more and more of these paint-on and peel-off tinted gels being found on the shelves of Japanese beauty and drugstores. Released last year, Fujiko Mayu Tint was an extremely popular new product, and now more Japanese brands like K-Palette have decided to follow their lead and launch their own eyebrow tint.

Also, more K-Beauty brands like Missha and Berrisom can also be found on the shelves of Japanese beauty stores like Loft and Ainz & Tulpe.


Clockwise from the right:

Fujiko Mayu Eyebrow Tint (available in 2 colours) ¥1,280

7 Days Mayu Gel Tint (available in 2 colours) ¥1,600

Berrisom My Brow Tattoo Pack (available in 2 colours) ¥1,280

K- Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Tint (available in 3 colours) ¥1,200

Missha Eye Brow Tint (available in 1 colour) ¥1,100


Where can you buy these products in Tokyo?

All of these products are available at LOFT.


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