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Winter in Tokyo is notoriously dry, and although I love the gorgeous perfect blue sky and winter sunshine, extreme dry skin, sore throats and chapped lips are a definite downside.  I was surprised to find that my hair too suffers from the lack of moisture, resulting in crispy dry ends, lack of shine and annoying static fly aways.

Heading into the holidays my long, balayage coloured ends were starting to look decidedly scraggly, and I was definitely fighting a loosing battle against flyaway’s along my hairline. On a visit to Jet Set Dry Bar in Hiroo, I was chatting with the salon’s owner, Julia Spotswood, when she recommended I try their new ultra-moiturising Sabon Hair Treatment service (¥6,000) to help get my hair back into shape.

Jet Set and Sabon have collaborated to create a luxurious  in-salon experience.

You may have seen the gorgeous Sabon stores located Tokyo in upmarket shopping areas like Omotesando, Roppongi Hills and Shibuya’s Hikarie ShinQs (you can find a full list here). The Sabon brand was born in Tel Aviv, using high quality natural ingredients and oils to create luxurious skin and hair care products that smell incredible and make your skin feel soft, moisturised and leave you feeling totally pampered.

Creating a winning combination for well-groomed hair, Jet Set has collaborated with Sabon to create a highly moisturising in-salon treatment that uses the Sabon Green Rose hair care range, coupled with the skill and expertise of the amazing Jet Set hair stylists. This is the perfect  solution for turning around your lack-luster winter locks while enjoying a little me time, all in an hour!

As always, when I arrive at Jet Set I am welcomed by the friendly staff and am introduced to the Sabon hair care range for the first time. The gorgeously packaged range includes shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and serum.


Sabon Green Rose products are used during the treatment.

Sabon Green Rose shampoo, conditioner and treatment series. Infused with natural extracts and oils sourced from the Amazon rainforest to protect the hair while adding a soft and silky texture. Designed to nourish dry and damaged hair, the Green rose range provide moisture to promote growth and adding natural healthy shine. Best of all, Sabon hair care products are sodium laurel sulfate and paraben free.

The Green Rose scent is a delicate mix of floral notes, in particular raw green rose petals, and fresh citrus. Creating an incredibly enjoyable fresh scent that is not at all overpowering, but makes the hair treatment experience so indulgent and relaxing.

I absolutely love getting my hair washed and blow-dryed at Jet Set. All of the salon’s stylists do an incredible job, and really take the time to make sure that the experience is so much more than just having your hair shampooed! The head massage combined with the heavenly Green Rose scent has me feeling completly zen, and I almost float back to my chair where the next part of the treatment, the hair mask, will be applied.



Enjoying the hand massage while the treatment gets to work.


One of the first things I notice when I sit down is a silver quilted hood sitting on the bench in front of me. Once the hair mask is applied and combed through my hair, the heated silver hood is placed on my head for about 10 minutes. Although I look like a space-age Marge Simpson, the radiant heat maximises the results from the moisturising ingredients like omega-3 in the hair mask, and the warmth on my head feels amazing on the freezing cold day. While the hair mask gets to work, I am treated to an uber-relaxing arm and hand massage, also using Sabon body care products.

With the massage treatment complete, it’s time rinse away the hair mask and start Jet Set’s signature blow dry styling. My hair is quite straight, so my stylist recommends we stick to a straight blow dry style to show the sleek and shiny results from the treatment. As my hair is being blow dried, I can already see that she is absolutely right, my hair is so soft, sleek and shiny. My previously dry ends are smooth and knot free! The brush glides through with absolutely no effort at all, and there are no fly aways or static, which is a big problem for me in dry weather.



My hair was truly transformed, from a dry and tangled mess to soft, smooth tresses. All night (and next day) I can’t stop touching my new silky hair, and I was pleased that the delicate rose scent stayed well into the next day. Even after the next few washes my hair retained the soft, smooth quality achieved by the in salon Sabon treatment. If you have long coloured hair or want to smooth away pesky static/ fly aways that flare up in the dry winter months I highly recommend visiting Jet Set.

The Sabon treatment is available at both Jet Set locations (Hiroo and Azabu Juban).




Jet Set x Sabon Hair Treatment

¥6,000 (including 10 minute hand massage)

¥5,000 (without 10 minute hand massage)

Jet Set Dry Bar- Hiroo

4-5-65 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

Closest station: Hiroo.

Phone:  03-6447-7441




Jet Set Dry Bar- Azabu Juban

 Vent Vert 1F and B1,  3-10-2 Moto Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

Closest station: Azabu Juban

Phone: 03-6804-2107



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