A-Z Japanese Beauty. I is for Isoflavone.


Isoflavone- a plant derived anti-oxidant that reduces the effects of sun damaged skin, brightens the complexion and reduces inflammation. 


In Japan, the most popular type of isoflavone used in skincare products are derived from soy beans. Isoflavone helps promote fermentation of soy milk, and is a substance that is very close to female hormone and is very beneficial to use topically on the skin.

Isoflavone’s benefit the skin in a number of ways:

  • Repair sun damage by inhibits the melanin ability.
  • Lighten and brighten skin tone.
  • Anti-inflammatory- reduces redness and sensitivity.


At the Japanese drugstore there is a really popular range of soy based skincare products called Nameraka Honpo. All of the Nameraka Honpo skincare products contain the brand’s signature blend of soy isoflavone, soybean oil, fermented soy milk and soy milk. Further from the base range of Nameraka Honpo products, there are also additional products that contain extra skincare ingredients to target specific skin care concerns such whitening, lifting and ageing skin (wrinkles).

Check their English website for more details on the entire product range.

Nameraka Honpo packaging, although all in Japanese, is easy to recognise one you are familiar with it, and is readily available at all Japanese drugstores, both big and small.

So to get you started, here are three great Nameraka Honpo products that you should try!



Nameraka Honpo Moist Cleansing Wash ¥700

This ultra-dense moisturising foam cleanser, gently washes away dirt, grime and sebum without stripping the skin of precious moisture. It leaves the skin clean, soft and supple.


Nameraka Honpo Wrinkle Moisture Lotion  ¥1,000

Japanese style lotion is suited to dry and mature skin types, and contains the Nameraka Honpo signature soy based ingredients along with ceramides and retinol extract to penetrate the deep layers of the skin, diminishing the appearance of fine lines caused by dry and dehydrated skin.



Nameraka Honpo Moisturising Sheet Mask (32 sheets)  ¥1,200

Designed for daily use, the Nameraka Honpo moisturising cotton sheet masks come in a convenient and easy to use flip-top packet. The Nameraka Honpo signature blend of soy  based ingredients, plus hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. These are great value masks that leave the skin hydrated, plump and supple.

Where to buy Nameraka Honpo products in Tokyo?

Any Japanese drugstores like Matsumoto Kiyoshi or Tomod’s

Ainz & Tulpe


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