Christmas Gifts ideas from the Japanese drugstore!


With only two weeks to go until Christmas,  many of us still have a few last-minute gifts to pick up before school and work end for the year. A quick and convenient place to pick up some interesting and creative Christmas gift is your local Japanese drugstore.

I have written a post before on “10 best gifts to buy at the Japanese drugstore” and this is still a great place to get ideas, but recently I have seen more quirky and innovative Japanese beauty products that would make great gifts to take home for the holidays.

All these gift ideas are inexpensive, lots of fun and your loved ones are sure to get a kick out of trying something uniquely Japanese. Best of all you can make a quick dash to the drugstore and pick these up on the way home. Happy shopping!




Pure Smile Hello Kitty Point Pads ¥290

We all know the whole face sheet masks, but if you don’t feel like walking around like something from a horror movie or more importantly, if you only want to treat localised areas on the face (like those pesky dry patches on your cheek) then these point pads are the perfect solution. Simply apply the round mini mask to the area you want to treat

There are quite a few different types available, but I love these kawaii Pure Smile Hello Kitty designs available in Green Tea, Cherry Blossom and Camellia .


Japanese Skincare Trial Gift Sets

The Japanese drugstore has some fantastic skincare brands, and a few of the bigger brands have trial kits that make a great gift for skincare lovers. Look out for the trail sets from Minon Amino Moist, Obagi, Astalift, Shiseido Elixir and HABA.



Kiku Masamune Sake Moist Skin Care Lotion ¥907

Sake is a much love skincare ingredient in Japan, and the famous Kiku Masamune Sake Brewery has very popular line of sake skincare lotions and emulsions that are available at the drugstore. The Kiku Masamune  lotion contains ultra-hydrating lotion contains the brewery’s famous sake which hydrates, smoothes and brightens the skin.


Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 12.07.02 pm.png

Fujiko Eye Brow Tint ¥1382

Looking for a fun way to achieve the bold brow trend? Why not try the Fujiko Mayu Tint. An interesting D.I.Y eye brow tint that you pain directly onto your brows. Wait. Then peel off to reveal a bold, but still natural looking brow shape.

Available in 2 colour: Chocolat Brown and Mocha Brown.



Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Facial Soap ¥1,200.

The prettiest skincare product to hit the Japanese drugstore this year is the Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap cleanser. Evita Beauty Whip has an innovative packaging design that dispenses the foam soap in the shape of a perfectly pink rose and delicious rose scent to match.


Clayful Masks ¥1,200 each

Using mineral clay to treat the skin is gaining world wide momentum, and these clever masks from Clayful take customising your at home face mask to the next level. The colourful Clayful masks are available in three formulations to suit oily, dull and dry skin types.



Cuticle Poroporo Giant Cotton Swabs

The average Japanese drugstore already has an impressive selection of cotton swaps, in multiple colours, shapes and designs. Now it can add skincare treatment to the list with these giant Poroporo cotton swabs, infused with exfoliating essence to clear the dead skin on the nose and chin that leads to blocked pores and breakouts. So crazy, and fun to use.



Choosy Lip Masks ¥108 each

Choosy lip masks have been around for a little while now, but they are a great stocking stuffer or small gift. Lip masks are the perfect way to hydrate and prep your lips before applying a bold lipstick or just as a fun way to prevent or treat the dreaded winter dry lip situation.

Available in Milk, Peach, Fruit, Honey and Herb flavours.

Where can you find these products in Tokyo?

All Japanese drugstores like Matsumoto Kiyoshi or Tomod’s

Ainz & Tulpe


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