5 of the best Japanese Drugstore BB Creams.


One of the most widely adopted asian beauty products is the BB cream, and it something that most people like to use each day as an “all in one” skin care/ makeup/ SPF time saving product. A little while ago I wrote a post about BB and CC creams (linked here), as there are so many on the market it can be difficult to know what the difference is! But today I am only going to cover 5 of the best Japanese drugstore BB creams.

Beauty Balm (B.B) creams are basically a light day wear base makeup, that contains other skin care ingredients (for example for hydration or oil control) and sun protection (SPF). What exactly the BB cream contains and the coverage level can vary dramatically between brands, so you have to do some research to find the best one for your skin type and needs. I have tried to cover a variety of different BB creams so that there is something for everyone!


Sekkisai White BB Cream Moist ¥2,600


Best for lightening and brightening your complexion.

Sekkisei lotion is loved for its ability to create a clear (no dark spots and freckles) and bright complexion, and this BB cream combines the brand’s iconic treatment lotion with a medium coverage and high SPF factor in their BB cream. One important point to mention is that this BB does contain Alcohol, so I would not recommend for dry or sensitive skin types.

UV Protection: 40+

Shades: Light Natural Beige and Medium Natural Beige.


Freshel Moisture Skincare BB Cream ¥1,800


Best for lasting hydration.

If you have dry skin then this natural coverage BB cream will become your go-to base product. Fresher Moisture Skincare BB contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, apricot and kiwi extracts to hydrate the skin throughout the day.

UV Protection: 28+

Shades:  Natural Beige and  Medium Beige.



Ettusais Mineral BB ¥1,800

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-9-35-59-amBest for pore control and oily/ acne prone skin.

Mineral base makeup is ideal for oily and acne prone skin types as it helps cover pores, even the skin tone and control oil without blocking pores , and this popular BB from Ettusais has a comfortable lightweight formula and contains their star ingredient AC Oil Control to help keep oil at bay.

UV Protection: 30

Shades: Light, Natural and Healthy.



Maquillage Perfect Base BB ¥3,ooo


Best for adding natural radiance to the skin.

A mixture between a primer and highlighter, this serum like BB adds radiance and hydration to the skin, while covering pores and improving the wear of your makeup. Ideal for those who want to achieve a “lit from within” radiant complexion. This BB is light on coverage so it’s best to apply powder, concealer or even liquid foundation on top if you are looking for more coverage.

UV Protection: 30

Shades: Light and Natural


Canmake Perfect Serum ¥800


Best for high coverage and maximum sun protection.

Canmake is one of my favourite Japanese drugstore brands, because their products are so fun and affordable, but more importantly they are incredible quality for the small price tag! The Canmake Perfect Serum BB is packed with 21 skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, royal jelly, ceramides, arbutin, job’s tears and the list goes on. This BB has a high coverage so a little goes a long way.

UV Protection: 50

Shades: Light and Natural.

Where can you buy these products in Tokyo? 

All of these products are available at Japanese drugstores

Ainz & Tulpe



Tokyu Hands

Don Quixote

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  1. I Love the Ettusais BB Mineral Cream, it really does everything it says it’s going to do well. But sadly, I’d break out if I use it everyday 🙁

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