A-Z of Japanese Beauty: H is for Hyaluronic Acid



Hyaluronic Acid- a natural element of the skin that has the ability to hold and retain large amounts of water,  hydrating the skin, creating a softer, smoother, plumper complexion.


Not just for dry skin, hyaluronic acid has multiple benefits for all skin types. This skin care super ingredient has an impressive ability to retain moisture in the skin, so it helps drier skin types to dramatically improve hydration levels and appear more youthful.  Oily or acne prone skin will appreciate the clear, light weight fluid that maintains the important balance of hydration without adding oil.

In Japan, hyaluronic acid is an extremely popular skin care ingredient, and you can find it in everything from cleansers to face masks and cosmetics. Here are three great Japanese beauty products that contain hyaluronic acid to get you started, but there are seriously thousands available to try!



Hada Labo Gokujun Lotion ¥1,200

Perhaps the most well known Japanese hyaluronic acid product is Hada Labo’s Gokujun Lotion. This Japanese drugstore favourite contains a blend of three different types of hyaluronic acid to create an intensely hydrating lotion. The clear water lotion might appear more like a toner, but is a moisturising lotion that for oily skin types , can used as a moisturiser, drier skin types need to follow with a cream or emulsion to seal in moisture. Hada Labo is so popular that the Gokujun lotion is available in multiple variations (Clear, Light, Milk, Premium and Whitening) as well as a full range of skin care products that contain the famous blend of hyaluronic acid.


Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Powder ¥3,024

Translucent powder can be beauty life saver, cleverly setting makeup in place and absorb excess oil and reduce shine on oily skin, without looking cakey and obvious. But for dry and mature skin powder can be your worst enemy, creating dry flaky skin and accentuating fine lines and wrinkles. That is until Koh Gen Do created their moisturising Maifanshi translucent powder that containing hyaluronic acid and natural silk, to keep the skin moisturised and soft.



Puresa Hydro Gel Mask Hyaluronic Acid ¥400

If your skin is in need of a serious hydration boost then the combination of hyaluronic acid serum and a hydro gel face mask, like this one from Premium Puresa, is guaranteed to do the trick. Hydro gel masks are ideal for maximising hydration, as the thicker gel material stops the essence/ serum from the mask from evaporating or drying out, which commonly happens with cotton sheet masks. The increased longevity of the hydrogel masks means you can wear them for around 30 minutes, maximising absorption of hyaluronic acid into the skin.

Where can you buy these products in Tokyo?

Hada Labo– All Japanese drugstores like Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Tomod’s, Ainz & Tulpe, Plaza, Don Quixote, large supermarkets and Natural Lawson. (Outside of Japan on Amazon).

Koh Gen Do– Koh Gen Do in Azabu Juban, Koh Gen Do online store (Japanese only), Tokyo Hands, Loft and  Ainz & Tulpe. (Outside of Japan at Sephora or Koh Gen Do USA ).

Premium Puresa–  Japanese drugstores, Tokyu Hands, Loft, Ainz & Tulpe and Plaza. (Outside of Japan on @Cosme Shopping  and Amazon)

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  1. I’ve been using the Hada Labo Gokujun Lotion (original) for the past seven years – I can claim this is the only product I’ve been through bottles of! Nothing else makes me skin feel as supple and nourished, especially after patting it on before I go to sleep. I use it in the mornings too and it’s never too extreme in different seasons. Absolutely recommended. Great blog as well by the way! I love it.

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