A-Z fo Japanese Beauty. E is for EGF.




Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)- is a nobel prize-winning healing agent, that naturally stimulates skin cell rejuvenation and growth.


This medical grade skincare ingreient has been extremely popular in Japan over the past few years, as it works to fight skin cells aging at a cellular level.

Here are 3 Japanese beauty products that contain EGF.


DHC EGF Cream ¥7,429

Dubbed DHC’s power cream, this rich, thick cream contains EGF as well as amino acids that support the effectiveness of the EGF, and other effective anti-aging ingredients such as coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid and placenta. Ideal for dry and mature skin types.



Vie Eau Repair Cream ¥6,696

Formulated specifically to treat the signs of ageing, Vie Eau Repair cream contains a hefty combination of  EGF, fullerenes, and alcaligenes polysaccharides, as well as 3 kinds of ceramides. Vie Eau Repair Cream promises to deliver youthful, radiant and firm skin.



Tune & Makers EGF ¥3,240

As you have probably noticed, Tune & Makers serum often make their way into Tokyo Beauty Book posts (and for good reason). Tune & Makers range is extensive and a great way to customise your skin care routine to achieve the results that you want from your skincare with out overloading your skin with unnecessary ingredients. The EGF serum will help improve the condition of the skin, immediately with hydration levels and then after continued use the skin will appear rejuvenated and more youthful. EGF serum is best applied directly to the face with a cotton square directly after washing, then again after lotion for best results.


Where to buy these products in Tokyo ?


DHC– DHC stores around Tokyo and the DHC online store.

Eau Vie– @cosme stores and online.

Tune & Makers– American Pharmacy, Plaza, Tokyu Hands, @Cosme and Ainz & Tulpe and the Tune & Makers online store .

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