October- Japanese Beauty Buzz

What’s new in the world of Japanese beauty this month?

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the exciting new beauty items to hit the department stores this month. Happy shopping!

Image courtesy of shuuemura.jp

Shu Uemura

Iconic Tokyo brand Shu Uemura has a few notable launches this month, the first being the Tint in Balm lip colour.

Tint in Balm

Tint in Balm (¥3,400) is a highly moisturising lip balm that gives, vivid glossy colour to the lips. Perfect for this who want vivid colour, but find lipstick too drying.

Tint in Balm is available in 10 uplifting shades


Ultime8 Skincare


Shu Uemura also launch two more products in the highly popular Ultime8 skincare range. The Ultime8 range began with the best-selling cleansing oil, loved for its blend of 8 botanical oils that transform the skin to an almost cashmere softness. With the addition of the Ultime8 Beauty Oil in Lotion (¥7,000) and Ultime8 Beauty Oil in Cream (¥13,000) you can now indulge your skin with a complete Ultime8 skin care regime from start to finish.



screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-10-09-49-am THREE Balancing outline mask ¥6,000 (2 x 10 wrapped pieces)

Infused essence, made from 98% natural ingredients, the Three balancing outline mask are designed to use on the sides of the face (eye area, cheeks and neck) to tighten and create a more symmetrical or defined outline of the face. Use once or twice a week on problem areas.



THREE Balancing complexion lip oil ¥3,500

Nourish dry lips with this rich lip oil, that helps create naturally beautiful plump lips with a healthy lip colour.




Extra Rich Cream Foundation ¥10,000

Dubbed the “glow liquid” this highly moisturising rich foundation delivers perfectly balanced, radiant, glossy skin. This luxe foundation contains 12 botanical skin care ingredients to nourish skin throughout the day, creating an enviable complexion.




Concentrate Advanced Cream ¥7,800

With the cool, dry Japanese winter fast approaching most of us are looking to switch to a heavier, more protective moisturiser to keep our skin looking it’s best. The Concentrate Advance Cream from RMK protects the delicate facial skin from drying out with its intensive formula designed to help the skin retain moisture levels and promote skin firmness.



Body Cream ¥4,500

Don’t forget the skin on our body, that is often neglected in the cooler months when we tend to keep it under wraps with multiple layers. RMK have also launched a rich body cream to their coveted range of body care products that include botanical blends to deliver seriously soft and smooth skin.



Addiction by Ayako




Addiction by Ayako have launched a sophisticated winter colour collection of shimmering pastel tones inspired by the chill a of northern European winter. The limited edition range includes two limited edition shade of the new launch, Colour Chic Eyeliner (¥2,500). The nail polish (¥1,800) shades in the Addiction colour stories dictate the trends for the season, and North Star’s delicate pearl shade and molten rich metalic silver are this winters must buys.

Where to buy these products in Tokyo?

Shu Uemura– At their flagship store in Aoyama and Japanese department stores

THREE– At their flagship store in Aoyama and Japanese department stores

Suqqu– at Japanese Department Stores like Mitsukoshi and Isetan

RMK– At their flagship store in Aoyama and Japanese department stores

Addiction by Ayako– at Japanese Department Stores like Seibu and Isetan

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