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SKII would have to be the most well known skincare brands in the world- instantly recognisable to most, and a true leader in anti-ageing skincare technology. SKII is a luxury skincare brand and some of it’s products come with a hefty price tag.

In a world where there are just so many skincare options, most of us question the need to spend  more than ¥10,000 on a moisturising cream (I know I do).

Does it really make a difference? Is it really worth spending the money?

And in my case. Almost 40 (gulp!) dry, sensitive celtic skin. The answer would have to be a resounding YES. Of course, you can pick and choose the products that you spend spend money on (and others you can afford to spend a little less), but if you are looking for true results from your skincare products it does pay off to spend a little more.

I made this realisation over the past few weeks, after consistently using SKII R.N.A Radical New Age Power Cream and Facial Treatment Essence, and as a result my skin has really begun to transform…here is my review.


SKII R.N.A Radical New Age Power cream ¥12,400 (50g)

The SKII R.N.A Radical New Age Power Cream is a surprising lightweight gel-like cream that promises to improve “multiple signs of ageing, giving you a new level of firmness. Skin becomes firmer, smoother, tighter and more radiant. After one jar, fine lines are less defined.” (

SKII is famous for its revolutionary, patented skin care ingredient, Pitera- the secret to a youthful, radiant complexion (check out my previous post about the SKII brand here).

The R.N.A Radical New Age Power cream combines the power of Pitera and a new R.N.A complex to develop an anti-aging cream that fights multiple signs of ageing in one cream.

What did I think?

This is my second time trying R.N.A New Age Power Cream, and although I did see noticeable results the first time, the lure of trying other moisturising creams (occupational hazard) was too great. Fast forward nine months, and my skin was in desperate need to something a step above the drugstore moisturising creams that I had been using all year.

Although I love drugstore products, I couldn’t find the right products to kick the extreme dryness on my forehead, and to add insult to injury the dryness was leading to spates of sensitivity breakouts, which is just plain ugly. I knew I needed to try something new, but I was a week out from a family wedding and didn’t want to use something completely new and risk more sensitivity and breakouts.

In a panic at the airport, I ran to the SKII counter and purchased  R.N.A New Age Power Cream. The R.N.A cream was available in a gift set, which combined the 50g cream and a trial bottle of Facial Treatment Essence (as well as a trial size R.N.A New Age Power eye cream which I will cover in another review!).

The packaging of the R.N.A New Age Power cream is the signature SKII red glass, a sizable and weighty tub which includes a handy spatula for measuring each usage. The cream is slightly gel-like, not a traditional cream texture and has a clean, plesant fragrance that is not overpowering. Spreading the cream evenly over the face is easy, and a little of the cream goes a long way, making massaging the skin face and extrendign down to the neck and decollatage light work. Even though the gel cream texture is light and easily absorbed, my dry skin feels completely replenished and protected- immediately the comfort level of my skin is improved.

After one week of using the combination of SKII Facial Treatment Essence and R.N.A New Age Power Cream, both day and night, I started to notice a difference in my skin’s hydration levels. My forehead that had just last week been extremely problematic, was now soft and hydrated! Hooray! Skin that had only a week before felt so dry, rough and itchy was transformed. Honestly, even after one week there was a real improvement. I try a lot of beauty products and this was one of the most (if not the most) dramatic improvements that I have ever seen in my skin. Best of all the sensitivity of my skin was reduced, something I was a little wary of when I chose this cream, as luxury brands tend to contain fragrance that can trigger sensitivity.

After two weeks, I started to notice that my skin felt plumper and firmer. By now I am really thinking that I’m onto something with these SKII products. As I was travelling overseas, I didn’t have access to my usual cupboard of masks and serum, so I was almost exclusively using these SKII products (plus cleanser and gentle exfoliant- check my Instagram for the details) so I can say with absolute certainty, that these products are the reason for the dramatic changes in my skin.

Three weeks later, and now I am completely obsessed with SKII. I am really enjoying using these products and loving seeing how my skin is responding. My skin continues to be super hydrated, plumper and firmer, but now add the promised SKII radiance. My previously dull, dry forehead is now beaming with new-found brightness, there is a light to my skin that has never been there before. On my more oily areas, such as nose and chin, this cream works equally as well. The appearance of larger pores is definitely improved, and besides the inevitable hormonal breakouts, congestion on these areas has also improved.

Four weeks later, my skin continues to improve. R.N.A Radical New Age Power Cream used in combination with the Facial Treatment Essence has undeniably been the answer to my skin dryness and softness, but I continue to be impressed by the improvement to my skin’s firmness and brightness. So yes, SKII products are expensive, but they do work.

So much so, that I am going to experiment with the SKII R.N.A Radical New Age Power Essence and buying a bigger bottle of Facial Treatment Essence!


How to use SKII R.N.A Radical New Age Power Cream

  1. Apply to a freshly cleaned face. After applying essence.
  2. Use the spatula to use a pearl size amount of cream and dot onto the face.
  3. Gently massage the cream outwards on the face, making sure it is spread evenly.
  4. Designed for both morning and night use.


Where to buy SKII in Tokyo?

If you are in Japan you will have no problem finding SKII!

You can buy SKII at all Japanese Department Stores (including their online stores)

Ainz & Tulpe


6 thoughts

  1. I’ve been wavering on SKII products for awhile (never been able to take the leap) but now I might just have to…
    Thank you!

    1. I love it! Just used the last of it tonight and it lasted about 2 months, using both morning and night. I have to
      Go and buy a new jar tomorrow 😊 Thanks for reading!

  2. I love the RNA Moisturiser! So far I’ve gone through four jars of them and my attempts to try other moisturisers did not work! Despite the price tag this is actually a great moisturiser, one of the few things that’s really worth the money! Love the post and please pop over sometime ( I have a feeling we may share the love of SK-II products and Kbeauty!)


  3. I got the sample kit and loved it and always thought that it was a cream. However, when I stopped by my local sk ii counter today I was told it was more like a 乳液 but that it would be more than sufficient during these warm summer months. In winter though, the sales assistant recommended that I use stempower cream instead.

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