A-Z of Japanese Beauty. B is for Bamboo.

B is for


Bamboo- the iconic asian evergreen plant, is used in many forms in Japanese beauty products. Most commonly as bamboo charcoal in skincare, bamboo fibre for high quality towels and fragrance for skincare and bath products. 


What is bamboo?

Bamboo is well known around the world as the tall, thick evergreen plant that creates dense forest in many parts of Japan, and round Asia. The Japanese have used many natural substances, like bamboo, from the native environment and incorporated then into traditional beauty products, that are still popular today.


Japanese beauty products that contain bamboo.

In Japan, some of the most popular ways to use bamboo in beauty products are:

  1. Bamboo charcoal- incorporated into facial cleansing soaps that are suited to acne prone skin, as they naturally absorb and detoxify the skin and gentle exfoliate dead skin cells.
  2. Bamboo fibre- the eco-friendly fibre is used to create super soft and absorbent bath and face towels.
  3. Bamboo fragrance- in Japan the crisp, clean fragrance is very popular to use in incense and bath products.


Here are three great Japanese beauty products that contain bamboo.


Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 12.26.50 pm


Makanai Green Tea & Bamboo Charcoal Face Soap ¥2,100.

Designed for oily and problematic skin, the combination detoxifying green tea and clarifying and deep cleansing bamboo charcoal, keeps the complexion beautifully clear.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 12.32.05 pm

Hippopotamus Towels starting from ¥1,188.

Japanese culture has long incorporated the importance of the ritual of bathing, and Japanese towels from the Imabai region are know throughout the world for their quality. One of the most popular luxury, towel brands in Japan is Hippopotamus, who’s super soft and absorbent towels are made from from a unique blend of organic cotton and bamboo nylon. Available if a wide range of sizes and colours.


Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 12.57.07 pm

Kiku Masamune Beauty Sake Bath ¥270.

The awarded Kiku Masamune sake brewery, also produced a range of skincare and bath products using their famous sake which has high levels of moisturising, kojic acid. But if you don’t fancy smelling like you have (literally) bathed in hot sake, these Kiku Masamune bath salts contain a crisp and refreshing bamboo scent.

Where can you buy these products in Tokyo?


Makanai- available at Makanai stores (listed here) and Ainz and Tulpe.

Hippopotamus- available all around Tokyo (stores listed here) and Hippopotamus online store.

Kiku Masamune- available at Japanese drugstores.




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