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Over the past six months the K Beauty star product, cushion foundation, has gone truly gone global, with the likes of French beauty giants Lancome, L’oreal and Givenchy all launching their own versions. In Japan, Korean beauty trends are also starting to make a big  impact, as last month Flow Fushi released the first Japanese cushion foundation- Ion de Cushion.


What is a Cushion compact?

First launched in South Korea a few years ago, cushion compacts were developed as the next phase or extension of the ever popular BB cream, but this time in a convenient, portable compact case. Compact foundations are extremely handy to stash in your handbag- they don’t spill or leak, the sponge applicator keeps your fingers clean and they have a mirror, making them the perfect for touch ups during the day.

But what makes a cushion compact different from a regular compact foundation is:

  • the cushion foundation is a new, weightless formula that is designed for build able coverage.
  • it contains a super thin puff applicator rather than a traditional sponge applicator.
  • the liquid foundation is contained in a “cushion” sponge which makes it mess free, and allows for lighter coverage, by simply pushing the puff lightly onto the sponge releasing a manageable amount of foundation onto the puff.


Product: Flow Fushi Ion de Cushion Natural- Light Beige SPF 30+ (¥3,200)




What is Flow Fushi Ion de Cushion?

Ion de Cushion is an anti-aging cushion compact foundation that delivers a natural, light coverage on the skin with a luminous, dewy finish. The formula is pack with naturally derived skin care ingredients including:

  • shea butter, jojoba and squalene (moisturising the skin)
  • algae extracts (antioxidant)
  • liquorice root (brighten skin)
  • mineral powders (naturally brighten skin, cover pores and fine lines)


Available in 2 shades: 01 Light Beige and 02 Beige.

Ion de Cushion comes in a shiny tear drop shaped compact with mirror and teardrop shaped puff applicator.

Refills available- ¥2,200.


What did I think?


Before trying the new Ion de Cushion foundation, I had tried the popular Korean brand Laniege’s cushion foundation, so I was interested to see how the Japanese version would compare.

I have pale skin, that is dry and has more than a few fine lines, so I was really pleased to see that Ion de Cushion was designed as an anti-aging product. I was a little concerned when I discovered that there are only two shades of Ion De Cushion (Light Beige and Beige), but after a quick try of both shades I decided to go with Light Beige and hoped that it wasn’t too yellow for my complexion (Laniege by comparison had five shades to choose from, but of course they have been in the market for a much longer time). As soon as I started to apply Ion de Cushion to my face, I could see the formula light, build able coverage formula was going suit my skin nicely. It does have quick a lot of yellow to it, but this tends to diffuse any redness I have around the chin and nose so I was happy.

The texture of Ion de Cushion is really moisturising and dewy, your skin is quite luminous after application, so if you already have oily or shiny skin then this product may not be ideal. But, if like me you have dry skin that needs some extra help to look bright and luminous then you will love this product! Ion de Cushion give a lot of dewiness and shimmer to the skin, which I found really improved the appearance of my skin. When compared to Laniege the Ion de Cushion definitely has more shimmer to it, but it’s still natural enough to wear during the day without feeling too over the top.

The light coverage was really impressive, I would actually say that you can build from light to medium coverage very easily with this product. The ability to build up coverage just in the areas that you need it, is what cushion foundations incredibly well. Traditional liquid foundations tend to look too obvious and heavy when you build them up, but with this product allows you to build seamless coverage where you need it. Absolutely love this about cushion foundations!

The gold compact is a reasonable size, so I was worried it would weigh down my handbag, but the material is actually very light, so no problems there. The mirror inside the compact is good quality and the teardrop shaped puff makes it much easier to apply foundation around the nose, eyes and chin than with a regular round puff.

Overall, I was really impressed by Ion de Cushion. I love the lightweight, build able coverage, the moisturising formula and the dewy radiance it creates on my skin.





How to use Flow Fushi Ion de Cushion

  1. Compete your usual skin care routine, with the last step being a sun care product or a primer.
  2. Gently press the puff applicator onto the sponge “cushion” that is soaked in foundation.
  3. Use a soft pat pat pat motion with the puff to apply the foundation swiping or dragging the products over the face.
  4. Starting applying foundation from the centre of the face and work your way outwards, as the t-zone tends to be the area that needs the most coverage.
  5. If any area needs more coverage simply keep gently patting the foundation onto the skin only in these areas, using the puff to blend and ensure even coverage.
  6. Put your Ion de Cushion compact in you bag for quick and easy touch up’s throughout the day.


Where to buy Flow Fushi products in Tokyo

Japanese Drug Stores like Matsumoto Kiyoshi

Loft, Tokyu Hands, Ainz & Tulpe and Don Quijote stores throughout Tokyo.

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