KATE Gel Liquid Liner

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If you haven’t already discovered the Japanese drugstore brand Kate, then I definitely recommend that you do. Kate is a fantastic range of affordable and high quality cosmetics made by Japanese cosmetics company Kanebo.

One of the most impressive product’s from the Kate range is the Gel Eyeliner (¥1,296).

This gel eyeliner is just what you need to create an deep black, long wearing cat’s eye or winged effect liner.

Each Kate gel eyeliner comes with its own high quality brush, which makes creating the right shape and width liner much easier, even for those (like me) who find liner difficult to apply.

But what I find impressive it that this long wearing, waterproof formula stays in place all day—even in middle of the the humid Tokyo summer!


Available only one shade- Black.


Where can you buy KATE in Tokyo?

Japanese Drug Stores like Matsumoto Kiyoshi

Specialty Cosmetics Stores such as Ainz Tulpe in Harajuku


Tokyo Hands

Bic Camera

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