5 Best Japanese Drugstore Eyebrow Pencils

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An essential product for every makeup bag is some sort of eyebrow product. Beautiful, defined brows instantly change the look of your face, and over the past few years the resurgence of a strong, natural brow has seen an incredible selection of eyebrow products appear at the local drugstore.

Just like Japanese mascara, the offering of eyebrow products at the Japanese drugstore in huge. There are pencils, powders, multi-colour palettes of powder, brow mascara and liquid brow pens. The range of colours that the brow products are available is also impressive, with some brands offering up to six different shades!

So there’s no doubt, you can find some seriously impressive eyebrow products in Japanese drugstores. But there are so many, that I have decided to make this into a series of stories where I cover eyebrow products by type. Starting off today with the most popular and easiest to use- the eyebrow pencil ( and pencil/ powder combination). I will then follow up over the next few weeks with  eyebrow powder, mascara etc.



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Excel Powder and Pencil Eyebrow ¥1,566

3 in 1 product with everything you need to create full, defined eyebrows

Excel Powder and Pencil Eyebrow is the perfect “all in one” eyebrow product as it has the soft pencil for shaping, powder for filling and the screw brush. You will love the fantastic pointed soft foam applicator as it distributes the eyebrow powder beautifully on the brows.

Available in eight shades so you are sure to find a shade to match your hair and skin tone perfectly.

Kate Eyebrow PencilKate Lasting Eyebrow Pencil ¥1,566

For defined brows that stay in place all day

The Kate Lasting Eyebrow Pencil is extremely versatile as it has a clever flat end that makes different shape brows really easy. Whether you want a defined arch of straight brows you can use the straight line of the pencil to guide your desired shape, easily drawing both thick and thin lines. When you are happy with the brow shape apply the eyebrow powder on top for full, defined brows that stay in place all day.

Available in two colours: light brown and dark brown.


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Susie NY Slim Expert Eyebrow Pencil ¥1,296

Perfect for creating precise shapes and extending disappearing brows

If you have sparse brows or brows that disappear at the ends, the Susie NY Expert Eyebrow Pencil is just what you need. The ultra fine pencil allows you precisely (and easily) fill in any gaps and extend out your brows while still looking natural.

Available in four shades: light brown, natural brown, dark brown and olive green.


Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 1.00.26 pmK-Palette Essence in Eyebrows ¥1,512

Multi-tasking essence formula nourishes throughout the day

Eyebrows need little extra T.L.C? This clever 3 in 1 eyebrow product not only contains the handy pencil, powder and brush trifecta, but the formula contains essence to nourish and condition your brows keeping them in optimal condition. The potent essence contains array of skin and hair loving ingredients, such as jojoba, collagen, panthenol, silk and hyaluronic acid- just to name a few!

Available in five colours: honey beige, caramel brown, natural brown, cafe brown and greyish brown.

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Visee Eyebrow Pencil ¥800

The perfect basic eyebrow pencil and screw brush

If you are just looking for a great basic eyebrow pencil then look no further than the Visee Eyebrow pencil. The oval shaped pencil makes a variety of both thick and thin lines easy to achieve, and the soft, moisturising formula is super soft to apply and blend beautifully.  It even contains the essential screw brush on the end to make brows look flawless and natural.

Available in an impressive, six shades ranging from dark brown to grey.


Have you tired any of these eye brow pencils? Do you know of any great ones that I have missed? I would love to hear which ones you love, so leave a comment for me below.

Next week, I will cover 5 of the best eye brow powders you can find at the Japanese drugstore!

Where to buy theses products in Tokyo? 

You can find these brands at any Japanese drugstore like Matsumoto Kiyoshi.

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