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Natural and organic beauty products are more than just a passing trend. In Japan, more and more brands are using a more holistic approach when creating their skin care and makeup ranges, and one Japanese brand that is at the forefront of natural and organic beauty products is Three.


The Three Philosophy

The Three philosophy is to achieve balance of the mind, body and skin. Using advanced natural skin care technology, Three uses the power of essential oils and plant-based ingredients to actively support the skin, by boosting its natural mechanism and creating beautiful healthy skin that there is no need to hide.

THREE is committed to:

  • using only the best Japanese ingredients
  • as much as possible certified organic ingredients are used
  • no genetically modified ingredients
  • no artificial fragrances and colouring
  • essential oils are used, rather than extracted aroma components
  • paraben free
  • no animal testing

Three also proves that you don’t need to sacrifice fashion, colour and fun when you buy natural makeup their seasonal makeup  colour stories are always on trend and highly coveted by fashionable Tokyoites.


The Three Product Range

THREE has an extensive product range, starting with skin care, base makeup, point makeup, hair and scalp care, body care and inner care.


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Three’s skin care range is divided the following categories:

Balancing- a full range of skin care products covering everything from makeup removal through to masks, eye creams and UV care. The balancing range is the core range of Three’s skincare products.

Conditioning– daytime conditioning mists and  night-time care oil and balm designed to care for dry and stressed skin types.

Concentrate– an anti-aging line of cream, serum and oils richly formulated with rose oil and other essential oils .


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Foundation and Primer

Each of the Three foundation are developed to work hand in hand with their matching primer:

Advanced Harmony Primer & Complete Harmony Liquid Foundation

Pristine Primer & Flawless Ethereal Liquid Foundation

Perfecting Primer & Renewing Powder Foundation.


Smoothing liquid concealer and Correcting concealer palette.

Contouring and Highlighting

Glow Duo, Shading wand and Contrast Duo.


Ultimate Diaphanous Loose Powder.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 1.28.28 pmPOINT MAKEUP

Cheek colour

 Cheeky Chic Blush.

Lip Colour

Shimmering Lip Jam, Refined Control Lip Pencil, Velvet Lust Lipstick and Lip Conscious Protector.

Nail Polish

30 shade of natural nail polish.

Eye shadows

Eye Gloss- Liquid eyeshadow wands, 4D Plus Eye Palette, shimmering eye veil- loose powder eyeshadow, Subtone defining pencil.

Eye liners/ pencils

Lasting Performance Eyeliner and Flash performance Eye Pencil.


Luscious Defining Mascara.


Pressed eyebrow powder duo, Lasting eyebrow pencil and Nuance eyebrow mascara.

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Gorgeously scented and highly nourishing body wash, hand wash, herbal soap, body emulsions and creams.



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With a focus on scalp care the Three botanical hair care range consists of two different types of cleansing oil, shampoo and conditioner. Select based on your hair type and needs, either the AC range (for fine, oily and limp hair types) and balancing range (for damaged and dry hair types).


5  must try THREE products


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  1. THREE Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation ¥5,000
  2. THREE Shimmering Glow Duo ¥4,500
  3. THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil ¥4,000
  4. THREE Purifying Clay Mask ¥5,500
  5. THREE Shimmering Lip Jam ¥3,000






Three Aoyama – Flagship Store

1F  & 2F 3-12-13 Kita-Aoyama

Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0061 Japan



Available at department stores like:

Mitsukoshi Ginza

ShinQs (Shibuya Hikarie)

Seibu Shibuya


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