Sakura Fever: 9 Cherry blossom themed beauty products


At the moment Tokyo is in the midst of sakura (cherry blossom) fever. As everyone enjoyed ohanami (flower viewing parties) all over the city, our Facebook and Instagram feeds have been full of beautiful cherry blossom in full bloom. Before moving to Japan I always hoped I would get a chance to experience the world famous cherry blossom in Japan first hand, but little did I know the hysteria that goes with it. For months everything in Tokyo is sakura themed, from Starbucks lattes to the beauty counter, those gorgeous pink blossoms are everywhere.

So to celebrate sakura season, here are my favourite sakura themed beauty products!



From the top, left to right:

Three Sakuraism limited edition nail polish- four shades (¥1,800)

Three Sakuraism limited edition- Shimmering lip jam in Sakuraism Sweet (¥3,000)

Three Sakuraism limited edition- Cheeky blush in Sakuraism Rising  (¥3,000)

Three Sakuraism limited edition- Aroma hand cream (¥3,300)

Esprique blush with limited edition packaging- PK02 (¥2,120)

Esprique Rouge Grasset lip gloss in Sakura Pink (¥2,300)

Addiction- The eyeshadow in Sakura Storm (¥2,160)

Three Sakurasim limited edition- Aroma skin soap (¥4,000)

Three Sakuraism limited edition- Aroma bath serum (¥6,000)

Where to buy these products in Tokyo?

Three– at their gorgeous flagship store in Aoyama and at department stores like Isetan, Mitsukoshi, Seibu and ShinQ in Shibuya.

Addiction by Ayako– at department stores like Istetan, Isetan Mirror, Seibu Shibuya, Ginza Mitsukoshi and Daimaru Tokyo.

Esprique– available at most drugstores like Matsumoto Kiyoshi 



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  1. When I was child,I love everything of Japan involve in: places, people, culture and so on, especially cherry blossom. I wish I can fly like a bird and visit to Japan now.

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