Japanese Drugstore Brand: Canmake


Canmake is a very popular, Japanese drugstore cosmetics brand that positions itself as being cute, fashionable and affordable.

The brand has a loyal following, and has enjoyed enormous success in Japan due to it’s extensive range of up-to date products, fashionable colours and very affordable prices. The most expensive item in the Canmake range is the Smooth Liquid Foundation (¥1200) and the cheapest is Effect Nail Polish (¥350).

It’s easy to see the appeal for school age girls and young women with the uber-girly packaging and playful colours, but the high quality of the Canmake product for such low prices extends the appeal of Canmake to Japanese women of all ages. You can find large selection of Canmake at almost all Japanese drugstores (like Matsumoto Kiyoshi) and also beauty specialty stores (like Ainz & Tulpe).

Canmake Product Range

The Canmake product line is quite extensive and unique, with some really innovative products and great colour ranges available.

See below a quick run down on the products available in the Canmake range:

Eyes (prices from ¥400-¥780)

  • Eyeshadow- a selection of different size powder eyeshadow palettes, a liquid highlighting shadow and a eyeshadow primer
  • Mascara- glitter mascara, volume mascara, long fiber mascara
  • Lash Serum- clear mascara, dolly eyelash base, long and volume eyelash base
  • Eyebrow- mascara, powder, pencil
  • Eyeliner- pencil, gel and liquid

Nails (prices range from¥ 360-¥580)

  • Colourful nails- 37 colours ranging from neutrals to reds and pastels
  • Effect nails- textured, glitter and pop effect nail polish
  • Gel volume nails-  gel nail effect
  • Peel off nail base- peel off undercoat for easy removal of nail polish
  • Gel volume top coat- apply to achieve the high shine effect of gel nails

Lips (prices range from ¥380-¥650)

  • Stay on balm rouge- high colour, moisturising lip balm in a wide range of colours
  • Lip and cheek rouge- multi use colour product for lips and cheeks
  • Gloss liquid rouge- lip tint syrup, your lips only gloss, jelly stick gloss, candy wrap lip
  • Lip base and lip treatments- lip scrub, lip essence

Base Makeup (prices range from ¥580-¥1200)

  • Concealer- colour mixing, highlighting, pore cover, stamp concealer, stretch concealer
  • Foundation- 3 types of BB cream, UV compact, liquid foundation, powder foundation
  • Powder- marshmallow, transparent, white
  • Colour Control Highlighter
  • Cheek- mosaic powder (highlighting and matt), cream blush, powder blush, lip & cheek gel
  • Highlighter- powder, stick and cream formulations. There is even a specific nose shading product
  • Shading- bronze shading powder, combination cheek and bronze compact
  • Makeup base- pore primer, smooth skin primer, UV primer

Pocket Rescue (¥600 each)

  • Mini skin savers for your every day skin problems- the small size makes them perfect for your handbag, e.g. a mini concealer, mini highlighter, pore cover, cleansing stick and bye-bye oil stick

Brushes and Eyelash curler (prices from ¥600-¥800)




5 Must Try Canmake Products

  1. Peel Off Base Coat – this clever product is applied as the base before normal nail polish. Then simply peel off your nail polish when you are ready- no need for nail polish remover. Genius!
  2. Glow Fleur Cheeks – Not just pretty to look at, this mosaic of pinks and peach blush shades contain micro-highlighting particles to give a beautiful glow to the skin.
  3. Stay on Lip Rouge – Easy to apply wind-up lip pencil, with the highly moisturising consistency of lip balm- all this with great colours to choose from.
  4. Cream Cheek – pretty colours for a pop of colour on the cheeks and easy to apply cream texture.
  5. Shading Powder – Because it can be really difficult to find bronzing/shading powders in Japan, and this is powder has a great matt finish.

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Where to buy Canmake in Tokyo?

You can find large selection of Canmake at all Japanese drugstores (like Matsumoto Kiyoshi) and also beauty specialty stores (like Ainz & Tulpe).

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