Cult Japanese Beauty Product- Sekkisei Lotion

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What is Sekkisei Lotion? 

Celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year, Sekkisei is an extremely popular Japanese skin lotion. Sekkisei promises to improve skin texture, reduce pigmentation, freckles and refine pores. Much loved in Japan (and in many other Asian countries) the famous blue bottle of Sekkisei’s signature lotion contains a combination of oriental plant ingredients to deliver clarity and radiance to the skin. Boasting an average of 5000 bottles* sold everyday, Sekkisei Lotion is an absolute must try, iconic Japanese skincare product.


What does it do? 

The refreshing, watery lotion deeply penetrates below the skin surface to activate the skin’s metabolism. Boosting the metabolism helps improve dullness, and create a clear, glowing complexion.

Key ingredients

Oriental Plant ingredients in Sekkisei Lotion: Coix Seed, Angelica and Melothria Heterophylla.

 How to use Sekkisei Lotion

After cleansing your face, pour Sekkisei lotion onto cotton squares and pat gently all over your face and neck. Allow to penetrate into the skin (this should only take a few seconds) before applying essence or serum. You can also make an at home face mask with this lotion, by soaking a few cotton squares in Sekkisei lotion and applying to the forehead, cheeks and chin.

 Where to buy Sekkisei Lotion in Tokyo?

You can find this product at most Japanese drug stores and specialty cosmetics stores. Just look for the famous blue Sekkisei bottle!

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