Japanese Makeup Bag Must Have- Long wearing eye pencil

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One of the must have products in every makeup bag is a high-quality, long wearing black or brown eye pencil. Japanese cosmetics brands have some of the best eye pencils and liner technology in the world, and the K-palette brand is arguably the best of the Japanese drug store brands. So if you are in Japan make sure you pick one up to try, at ¥1,200 you won’t regret it! 


K Palette 24 Hour Real Lasting Eye Pencil

K-Palette 24 hour real lasting eye pencil is an fantastic product that truly stays in place all day. Real lasting eyeliner resists the sweat and oil naturally produced by the skin throughout the day and keeps the pigment from smudging and bleeding. The soft, fine pencil also allows even the finest line effect to be drawn, perfect for drawing very close to the base of and in-between eyelashes. The soft pencil formula also allows you to build up the line for a more dramatic feline effect. K-Palette is garnering a cult following around the world with leading makeup artists, all praising the Japanese drugstore eyeliner for it’s incredibly long wearing formula.

K-Palette real lasting eye pencil’s formula also contains hyaluronic acid and collagen to condition and treat the delicate eye area.

Available in Natural Black and Natural Brown.


Where to buy K-Palette 24 hr Real Lasting Eye Pencil in Tokyo?

All Japanese Drug Stores like Matsumoto Kiyoshi (see our post here about beauty shopping at Matsumoto Kiyoshi)

Specialty Cosmetics Stores such as Ainz & Tulpe in Harajuku

Tokyu Hands


Bic Camera

Selected Lawson convenience stores


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