Why it’s time for you to try MOTE MASCARA.

Exciting news for Japanese beauty fans around the globe as the full range of UZU cosmetic products are now available to buy online through the UZU Online Store. The UZU range consists of amazing, high quality liquid eyeliners, mascara, lip treatments, lipstick and eye serum. All of the UZU products are equally covetable with their slick, award-winning packaging, but it is the impressive quality and performance of the products and value for money that will blow you away.

Those of you that have been following me for a while, will know that I am a HUGE fan of Japanese mascara- it truly is in a category of its own. The advanced Japanese technology, safety, and uncompromising expectation of performance, makes them the most sophisticated formulations in the world. No wonder many international brands make their mascara (and eyeliner and brow products) in Japan.

So what makes Japanese made mascara so good? The majority of Japanese women have sparse, short and very straight eyelashes, combine this with high seasonal humidity, long working hours and sophisticated style, and you need a high performance, long wearing mascara. Just any old mascara is not going to cut it in arguably the toughest beauty consumers in the world. 

When I was living in Tokyo, the first generation of MOTE Mascara was one of the first Japanese mascaras that I tried and loved. The brand has since rebranded and relaunched the complete MOTE Mascara range with a new improved formula and sleek new packaging. So my expectations were high when I was kindly sent some products from the UZU Team in Tokyo. 

One of the first things I noticed was the size of the MOTE Mascara range. There are 11 mascaras! It really is like having a wardrobe of mascara to play with. You can customize your lashes according to your look or mood, experimenting with different lash effects and colours. Why do you need a variety of mascara? Some may ask, but this is one of the things I love about Japanese beauty culture, there is so much nuance and consideration given to the overall look that beauty consumers are given options!! Who wants full-on, voluminous lashes when they have a soft no-makeup on a casual Sunday morning. Whereas for a Saturday night, of course you want all the volume and drama of a high-impact mascara. As the brands effortlessly explains- “One mascara style does not suit everyone, everyday, every mood”.

So, I want to go into a little detail here about the full range of MOTE Mascara so that you can see the variety and creativity of the range, and help select the style/ effect that is right for you. 

Firstly, there are 4 variations of black mascara (Vol.6- Vol.9) each with a custom designed brush and formula to deliver its own individual finish and lash effect (explore each one in the gallery below).

Next there are two more specific use products- a clear mascara and a micro brush (black) perfect for precise application on the lower lash line.

Finally there are the coloured MOTE Mascara range, which contains 5 sophisticated and even unexpected shades: Burgundy, Khaki, Navy, Copper and Brown (explore each colour in the gallery below). What I love about all of the MOTE Mascara coloured shades is their subtle edge, elegance and sophistication. The beautiful colour shades are miles apart from any 80’s coloured mascara some of us may remember from our childhood. These coloured mascara tastefully enhance the colour of the eyes- I especially loved the Burgundy shade which intensified my blue green eye colour.

What I also love about MOTE Mascara is the long wearing, water-resistant formula that stays looking good all day, even in humidity. The gentle, safe and nourishing formula cares for your lashes while you wear, and removes easily with warm water at night.

There really is a perfect mascara for everyone and every occasion in the MOTE Mascara range. So check out the UZU Online Store to discover more about the range and shop with International delivery! Just hoping they add Australia soon…

UZU Online Store

Now available to shop internationally* from the UZU Online Store [uz.team].⁣

MOTE Mascara US$18 each

*Currently shipping to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States.
More countries to be added later. All the items will be shipped from Japan.

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