REVIEW: Everyday Puffy Pod- Mild Peeling Pads

What are Everyday Puffy Pods?

A multi-use skincare infused cotton pad that works as a cleanser, exfoliant and moisturising serum.

The peeling pads are ready to use, and are packaged in a screw-top tub to ensure that the pads remain fresh and hygienic after opening. Each tub of Everyday Puffy Pod contain 60 infused peeling pads.

Available in Original- Pink (Sweet citrus scent) and Limited Edition- Yellow (Lemon scent).

What does it do?

A convenient daily-use exfoliating (peeling) pad is infused with a combination of AHA (malic and citric acids) and BHA (salicylic acid) to gently remove the build up of dead skin cells and deep clean any dirt, sweat or oil from the pores.

The double sided skincare pads are also infused with moisturising serum that can penetrate deeply into the skin layers after exfoliation.

Key skincare ingredients and what they do

Original (Pink)

Exfoliation:  A.H.A- Malic Acid & Citric Acid, B.H.A- Salicylic Acid

Moisture: Hyaluronic acid, collagen, ceramide and Lipidure®️

Moisturising Plant Extracts: Pomegranate fruit extract, camcome extract (mirciaria duvia fruit extract), acerola fruit extract, kaninabara fruit extract, damask rose flower water, cranberry fruit extract.

Anti-oxidant: Vitamin C

Fragrance: Sweet citrus scent

No alcohol

Limited Edition (Yellow)

Exfoliation:  A.H.A- Malic Acid & Citric Acid, B.H.A- Salicylic Acid

Moisture: Hyaluronic acid, collagen, ceramide and Lipidure®️

Moisturising Plant Extracts: Lemon fruit extract, grapefruit fruit extract, yuzu fruit extract, orange fruit extract, bergamot fruit oil, lime juice.

Anti-oxidant: Vitamin C

Fragrance: Lemon scent

No alcohol

How to use Everyday Puffy Pods

Everyday Puffy Pods can be used as part of your morning and/ or evening skincare routine.

AM Skincare Routine– Use as the first step of your skincare routine to cleanse the skin and prepare for makeup.

PM Skincare Routine- Directly after removing makeup and cleansing, to exfoliate and moisturise the skin before applying moisturising cream.

Step 1: Take out 1 peeling pad from the tub.

Step 2: Apply the uneven surface of the pad to the skin first after washing face, and gently wipe over the face concentrating on the area on and around the nose or eyebrows etc that are prone to roughness or pore congestion.

Step 3: Turn the pad over to the the flat surface side and gently pat onto your skin to apply the moisturising serum.

Step 5: Follow with moisturising cream.

What did I think?

Everyday Puffy Pods are an easy and convenient way to gently exfoliate the skin with a pre-prepare combination of both AHA’s and BHA. The one step application is easy to use, and the uneven texture of the “peeling” side of the pad does give a gentle mechanical exfoliation/ cleanse to ensure ingredients can be easily absorbed.

I find these exfoliating pads fantastic for areas of my skin that are prone to congestion and blackheads (nose, chin and forehead in between my brows. The BHA (salicylic acid) is ideal for deep cleansing pores and preventing some future breakouts. The moisturising ingredients also ensure the skin is left hydrated, and not at all tight or sensitive after use. I also love using these as my morning cleanser- it is gentle on the skin and ensures my skin is smooth for easy and smooth application of my base products for the day.

Where can you buy Puffy Pods?


Limited Edition Launch- March 2020 (60 pads per pack, 1,540 yen)

Available at variety shops (Plaza, Loft etc)


Australia Launch: TBC. I will update this post and feature on Tokyo Beauty Book Instagram when this version of the Puffy Pods are available to purchase in Australia.

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