Tokyo Beauty Book November Instagram Giveaway!!



To celebrate a fantastic October for Tokyo Beauty Book, we are running a Japanese beauty giveaway on Instagram. You can win all of the amazing Japanese beauty products pictured above! These are some of my favourite Japanese beauty products.

Please visit the Tokyo Beauty Book account on Instagram (@tokyobeautybook) for more details and to enter! You can click straight through via the Instagram link on the sidebar.





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  1. I’ve been enjoying this post, always feel so confused at the japanese drug store over all the products that are new (my Japanese isn’t the best!)

  2. this blog is so good for discovering new products at the Japanese drug store – my Japanese isn’t great so this is good to know

  3. I hope i will be lucky enough to win!πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™i wanted to try those japanese products😍😍😍 & thank u for all ur interesting ideas & opinion in japanese skin care etc.thank u again!😘

  4. Thanks for this awesome chance. I’m not too familiar with Japanese beauty but it’s great to see new products!

    IG @littleemptybottles

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